Our goal:
To help promote Believe Pictures and all their work to show that family oriented television and movies are still out there and available, even more so than people realize. Also, to have fun and discuss the work we enjoy so much of Michael Landon Jr., of Brian Bird and their entire team of cast and crew members as well as the other writers of all the movies, short films, and television shows that they have put together over the years for Believe Pictures.
A little about the admin:
My name is Amy J. Falk. I have been following Believe Pictures’ work since 2007. I’ve seen nearly every film they have  ever put out on the market, and, as far as I know, I own all of them. I am a Christian fiction romance author by trade, and Michael Landon Jr. and Brian Bird are two out of four people I have looked up to my entire career. Although I do not know them personally, I admire them greatly and it is my pleasure to discuss their work with you.

Ways to share:


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