Written on April 5th 2016


Praise the Lord I'm finally finished with my antibiotics! It seems like I've been on them for ever. The good news out of all this is now that the sinus infection seems to be over my headaches are less and my migraine medication is back on track!  If I don't have them consistently maybe I can actually get some writing done now??? At least let's hope so! In other news yesterday I applied for my passport! Yay me !  so you know what this means #HEARTIES you may have some company if we end up having a second reunion in Canada!... Yes I know I'm a #HEARTIES and  have been for a long time but I am also #FansofBeilevePictures so if or when a reunion happens, and I am accepted to go, I will have a dual identity. :-) I've already talked it over with my parents and we  have decided I am going to go even if I can't do some of the activities .There's always sightseeing, or writing to busy myself with. I'd rather go and have the once-in-a-lifetime experience then not go at all. I really feel guilty about not submitting my    information last year to possibly go. I won't let that happen again if the opportunity arises if I'm able to go and no matter what I'm able to do or not do I will still be crossing a lot of things off my bucket list! :-) and if you read my blog at all you pretty much have figured out what those things are already !

Written on March 30th 2016





My heart broke to Pieces yesterday when I heard of Patty Duke's death. As many as you have seen from my previous articles and or blogs classic television is something that I hold very dear and Patty Duke was a part of that whole experience I enjoyed as a child at my grandmother's house. She always had the old movies sitting around that we could play in the VCR and my mother knew they were safe for us to watch. My heart goes out to the Duke Family and friends as they grieve their loss.

Some artistic fun

Those of you who have read my previous blog as of late I talked about getting my new camera and why that was so important to me. I'm excited to report that I now have the equipment so I run that camera myself . 500 members and Counting!!

Congratulations to member Kimberly who won the  500 member challenge drawing ! We are now beyond the 500-member point I am proud to announce we are officially 506 members. If we keep this up before we know it we will be at 1000. ;-)

Well I think that's it for tonight everyone I hope everyone has a wonderful night but their families.

Written on March 29th 2016

Written on  March 29th 2016

Fans of Believe Pictures news

Today we hit 500 members our humble little family ! Thank you to those of you that participated in our member Challenge and there will be another contest coming up soon. To all the new members I hope you enjoyed our time together. Also don't forget you don't need a member challenge to recruit people. :-) the winner of the member challenge drawing sometime tomorrow good luck!

Written on March 28 2016 Sorry about the end of the blog don't know why it does that sometimes.



Hi everyone!  I realize it's been a super long time since I've written last. I apologize, things have been really busy. First I went on a two-week vacation ,while on vacation I was sick with a bad sinus infection..still wasn't feeling well by the time I came home and realized I had come down with a very severe sinus infection which led to bronchitis which led to flaring up my asthma which I normally do not have anymore pretty much since my childhood. So yes I have been feeling under the weather for about a month I am finally back on track and feeling well ! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers during this time.

Fans of believe pictures news

I'm sorry because of me being under the weather I've been terribly neglectful of my articles this season but rest assured I will catch up and you will get your discussion articles! :-) As far as the fans of believe pictures Facebook group I could not be happier! We are turning into one big happy family. I have been on there more than anything even during vacation. :-) What  can I say it's one of my favorite places to be talking to all of you. We are nearing 500 members and that makes me so excited especially since we don't always have contest or different activities on our page. I try my best, but all that can be very difficult when you're just one person. I have to say this though I am grateful for all of you who are willing to start your own conversations on fan art and other activities on the page so it never seems quiet even when I am working. Being an author who owns her own company has its advantages, it means I can have your page up all day long and if I'm not doing anything I will join in conversation with you even if it's just a quick hello. We have had a few contests this week which was my first time really doing much but I'm excited to say that it has added many more members to our group that we can now become friends with. That makes me think of the point of family TV in the first place getting together. I think of this as our virtual dinner table. :-)

In other fans of believe pictures news

I want to say thank you to Brian Bird for signing my “Captive”DVD jacket for me, it now hangs in my office below the script I received a few  Christmases ago. In related news, I recently won a Hearties  contest on the Hearties page! :-) it was a slogan contest to get one of the magazines from Soap Opera Digest that the cast members signed. My first #HEARTIES contest I've ever won and I've been on the #HEARTIES page since they started out at five hundred people….I was so excited I couldn't even believe my eyes! So this too will go on my wall next to the rest of my autographs for inspiration as I work on my novel. :-) I want to thank the #HEARTIES Admins. who do all the hard work that they do getting  contests -togethers etc. I know how hectic and busy  life can be the #HEARTIES are lucky to have you ! Also I wanted to thank you for letting us help and participate in your trending activities! :-) I know as a hearty I would normally be doing it anyway but I've been encouraging my group to join you as well so I hope this helps. It's been exciting to watch as you the Hearties have trended and broken records every week! I couldn't be happier to be a part of that.

Fans of believe pictures group latest information.

Okay here's the deal .We are getting a lot more members and fast, this is a good thing but I want to make sure that you all have your information so you can share it with others as well pass on the word. We have a Twitter, we have a Facebook group, we have a website ,we have a Pinterest, and we have a YouTube... Well almost I'm still fixing that youtube page as we speak, so I haven't given you guys the link for that yet. If you cannot find the link for any of these things please feel free to ask me at anytime I'm willing to help you find it. Also if you are having a mixed #HEARTIES party with fans of believe pictures members we want to see your photos! Please feel free to put them on the Facebook page at any time and you may be asked if it's okay to use your photographs for the website. You can say no it's not mandatory. :-) also if there's a group of people from Fans of believe pictures group near you?don't be afraid to get together .I do with my friends occasionally but we haven't been able to get together lately ,hopefully I will see them soon. If you want to get together with a group of people from Fans of believe  pictures or find out if people live near you go ahead and ask them. When you decide to get together post in the Fantastic times discussion area,if you don't know where that is please ask and I will find it for you. You will see me post from time to time in the Fantastic times area either that or I will let you know that I did on the main wall.

My work

Since I'm an author and I have a gift store I travel to craft shows around the cities so I will post those when I have one so that  if you are nearby you can come and meet me in person. I like to talk about fans of believe  pictures even when I'm out at these vendors events . It would be great to see any of you! So far I don't have any shows coming up this summer is usually really quiet for me it is fall and winter that I do some of these events.

Contest time on fans believe pictures.

I really put my thinking cap on lately and I've come up with some great contest ideas well at least I hope you guys think they're great. :-) anyway once we get finish with the 500-member challenge contest there are more coming not a lot but at least a few. Can't wait to share those with you down the road! What is it I said on the Facebook group last week?... The Hearties have their crayons and I have my technology lol! :-) you know party admins one of these days we should get together by get together I mean online of course! but we should get together and put our thinking caps on and maybe do a joint contest just a thought.

Artistic fun

Well I have some awesome news which maybe you've heard it already especially if you're on my private Facebook but I got the camera I've been saving up for for 6 months! I've been wanting this particular type of camera for years actually but only decided to put my foot down on my budget and save to get one especially since I'm going to Walnut Grove to see Karen Grassley this summer. I wanted to make sure that I had a good camera this time that would cause problems so poor people waiting behind me would not have to wait another second. I know how it feels to be a superfan from time to time even though I tried to remain and have some professionalism about me sometimes it's hard. :-) anyway I digress and if you want to hear about the camera I think I've written about it on and off so check back in the Box. :-) so I thought if I'm going to get a decent camera that I am going to learn how to use it. Well I shouldn't say learn... I do know how to use the camera for the most part, I did take photography classes in college. but the thing is  I'm disabled and my hands don't work the way I like them too. Holding the camera so It doesn't fall ,not dropping the camera. not breaking the camera within the first few days of owning it holding a camera is impossible for me ! why do I like photography ? When I look up and see something new I see something different that people around me don't see. Sometimes not always but sometimes I like to think outside the box so it's frustrating when I can't take pictures of something I see that I like. Well I think I might have solved this problem over Easter weekend my family and I sat down after dinner and looked through things online adaptive technology for cameras and such. I found something, the type of camera mount for my camera . I'm excited to get it. It's durable, made by a photography company who does adaptive technology ,so I hope it works. Not everything that's says it's handicap accessible were made for a disabled person means it's automatically going to work for that particular person that buys it. Everybody's disability is a little different so I'm excited at the prospect of this working but it doesn't mean it will ,so pray it does! I'd love to finally be able to take the pictures I see in my mind when I see a certain site or something happen that needs to be frozen in a moment for all to see. I'm not saying I'm the greatest photographer in the world ,and I don't know if I ever will be, but if I don't try I won't know it all.

The second piece of this great news can't come without the first that's why the long explanation I do photo art kind of like people that do the fan art that you see on our page just for an example. I'm self-taught since 2004 and I've done photo art since then but I haven't done much of it. Being a writer takes up a lot of my time  & I do the Fans of believe pictures page in my free time, because I want to  feel awareness and family television is very important to all of us! When I'm not doing these things I'm usually with family and friends. Some of you have mentioned my fan art on the Fans of believe pictures Facebook page from time to time and I want to thank you for your very kind words and Mr. Byrd for being so gracious to let me use his wonderful pictures. I just realized a few months ago, though I really wanted the photos to be my photos, it's never been my photos that I have done . I love seeing what other people see through the lens but I want to see what's through the lens for myself, I hope this camera will be plenty more than just wants. that's my hope for it anyway... we'll see what God has planned. I also was hoping this would help me create more of my own covers when it comes to my novels, the price of stock photos and some friends that are good photographers but like I said sometimes I just want it to be my photo.

Walk of faith LLC news

We had a total of 6 new members on our Facebook page or Bookmark Facebook page to be exact this week! It's nice to have you and I hope you are enjoying the shopping. :-) We have a new store in case you hadn't noticed. Things are a little different on every one of my pages, which is the Walk of Faith LLC main page and walk of Faith LLC bookmark page. We had to make a page just strictly for the bookmarks because that's what people would look for most of the time so that's why there's 2 different ones but they belong to the same company. :-) anyway we have a new store! You go on our main page or our Facebook page that says shopping or shop now and it will bring you to our store .We have created different sections like a regular store now so you can go straight to what you're looking for other than looking through hundreds of pictures like you did on the bookmark page when you first started out. If any of you have any questions at any time please just message me on one of those pages! We are looking forward to serving you in this new organized way. :-)

Here is the link directly to our store in case you don't want or are not fans of our Facebook page or pages but you should be! :-) ;-) to keep referring back to the link maybe even bookmark the page. :-)


Several of you from the Fans of believe pictures page have wanted me to ado contest for an autograph novel or something similar from me I had told you that I was not comfortable doing this on our page  because they are not directly related. However I did create a contest and put it on my personal page as well as the Walk of Faith LLC Facebook pages.  Unfortunately it's a little late for yours  tomorrow at midnight but if I am asked again I just may create another contest down the road so just so you know don't be afraid to ask. :-) thank you for all those who have entered this particular contest and thank you for the support is always appreciated.

  • Well I know that's a lot of information at one time but it's been a long time since I've written to you guys and I again apologize for the long wait. I promise you will get your discussion article for the fans of believe pictures people. I'm working on another one tomorrow as we speak. I hope you are enjoying our different format this year. I haven't really heard much feedback .Don't Be afraid even if you don't like it let me know. We're always looking to tweek the article format until we find just the right one. Anyway I'm headed off to bed so have a good night everyone and maybe I'll even write again tomorrow. :-) I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!

Written on February 24th 2016


Fans of Believe pictures news

Just a reminder if you haven't seen it yet my latest article on the When Calls the Heart episode Troubled Hearts is in the articles of reviews section of the website, so check it out and give me your feedback. Also check out the When Calls the Heart speculation blog for your speculations. Topics of the week will be posted again on Sunday depending on how the episode plays out. The speculation is no longer on our Facebook page to prevent spoilers for the people that don't want them, so please feel free to comment your own speculation underneath the speculation blog of the current week. I look forward to discussing things with you! :-)

In other news for our group I'm currently running a contest. We have 368 members as of right now while I write this blog I have said on the Facebook page that if he reach 400 members in the Facebook group the 400th member will receive a prize so don't forget to invite your friends and family to our Facebook group. If you would like to look us up just simply look up fans of Believe pictures Productions movies and shows .Thank you for joining us! I look forward to hearing all your comments and speculations as you join our conversations. :-) you can also get the link to our group if you are already a member and share it that way. Two members... thank you for helping us hit this milestone it is much appreciated. :-)

London legacy news

It was reported on Facebook today that it is Karen Grassle 's birthday.  Karen Grassle was known as Caroline Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie for 9 years approx. I am blessed with the opportunity to joined her in Walnut Grove with several other fans who are affectionately known as the bonnet heads. I am included in this generation and I am proud to say it is much like this generations Hearties  for When Calls the Heart! I'm eager to see Ms.Grassley, although I will be just another fan in the crowd I am still happy to be there. :-) it is an honor just to get to say hello! Speaking of my time this summer that I plan to spend in the small town of Walnut Grove Minnesota, I got an email the other day from my college friends mother who lives out in Walnut Grove herself. She knew I was coming to see Ms.Grassley this summer ,so when she was talking to her daughter one of my best friends from college she mention that my friend could meet me that weekend. I don't have any information on whether she is actually going to be there because her mother never emailed me back. I hope that this will happen! I have not seen my friends since 2004 the day of her wedding and it would be nice to finally meet her  children! I also mentioned to you that I'm doing a Landon  legacy article part two when I go out to Walnut Grove Minnesota this summer and her parents have agreed to do an interview being they have lived in Walnut Grove for quite some time. So it makes me excited that their daughter might be able to join us because then she will be able to join the interview about living in historic town which will be my angle for the next article. I'm still currently working on my questions, so if any  of you have any input or ideas that you would like to share with me please feel free to do so on Facebook or in the common area of this blog. Thanks for taking the time to share your lives with me and reading about my adventures as a writer! Have a good night everyone.

Written on February 23rd 2016



It was my mom's best friend's funeral today after the funeral my mother came over and we talked about the times that we spent with her. It's good to remember the good times!

Fans of believe pictures news

I worked on my article all day today formatting and everything. Let's just say I was glad to have it on my to do list today... got my mind off of everything else going on. It is now finished and has been posted in the article / review section of their website. I believe that is it for today it's late. I better get some sleep!

Written on February 22nd 2016


Fans of Believe pictures news

Everyone by now I hope you've seen the speculations that I posted and I hope you are speculating with us ! ;-) the speculations blog has its own title so you can find it on our website easily. I know this is what I usually do on the facebook Events section for When Calls the Heart but because so many people ask for no spoilers I thought this would be easier just add your thoughts and on speculation to the comments area of the blog that I posted. I even started you out with some speculation topics which I will be doing every week. :-)

My article

I watched When Calls the Heart again tonight so that I could start my discussion article tomorrow.

Have a great night everyone!

Written on February 19th 2016

Fans of Believe pictures news

Did you guys see Erin from When Calls the Heart on periscope yesterday? I love her ,she seems like such an easy going person I hope I get to meet in person one day! That was a great surprise, unfortunately I wasn't able to catch it live because I was working on editing one of my novels but I was able to watch it later in the evening and I'm so glad I did!

Social media Fans of Believe Pictures news

In case you haven't noticed Fans of Believe pictures is starting to pop up a different social media outlets. We now have a Twitter, periscope, Pinterest along with our Facebook group we will soon be finishing our YouTube page. So I hope as I post the way to get to these different social media sites that you will join us in spreading the word about family television and movies created by the believe pictures team!

I recently heard on Twitter that Brad Krevoy and MAPCA had created an Instagram account and asked us to follow them on Twitter . I typed in the username that was provided more than once and still can't come up with anything .Has anyone been able to find them on Instagram? We would really like to follow them so any information would be appreciated! :-) We tried asking about it on Twitter but have not received a response as of yet.


Written on February 18th 2016



Thank you to everyone who has been praying for Mary’s family as well as ours as we go through these days to come.

Landon Legacy news:

As most of you who have joined our Fans of Believe  Pictures Facebook group already know Michael Landon Jr ' s latest movie Heaven Sent was due to be released in 2015 but was put on hold after some details fell through. Based on a Twitter today from the official Heaven Sent Twitter we've been told we will get more details of it releasing in the fall of 2016. We are glad that  things seem to be back on track and can't wait to hear more about it. I will fill you in when I have more information.

Fans of Believe pictures news:

Are you ready…? It's almost here... The third season of When Calls the Heart!  Who's excited? I'm excited!! I am excited and honored once again to be writing discussion articles about the phenomenal show that was created by producer/writer Brian Bird and writer/director Michael Landon Jr.! I want to thank the cast, crew and  Mr Bird... For once again doing a  phenomenal job during the production of this season we are about to play out on television. You have shared so much with us whether it's on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or periscope.You’ve made us part of the process and for that we will forever be grateful! We can't wait to see the work you have done finally play out on television! It premieres February 21st on the Hallmark Channel .Check your local listings for details. If you're new to this site and I wondering about what my discussion articles actually are please see our discussion article area of this site and don't forget to join the conversation! We can't wait to hear your thoughts.


As I continued to edit the third Ava  Hill novel Falling Stars it still astounds me at the amount of unnecessary things I am tending to put in the first draft of the manuscript. At least I am able to see it now so I can take care of the problem before it is released to you! Thank heavens for 1st 2nd and even 3rd looks to fine tune things before calling it a novel that sits on the shelves. :-) Anyone else have that issue?

Well I guess that's it for tonight Thanks for reading everyone. :-)

Written on February 17th 2016


Well today was a sad day, my moms best friend died today so I spent the evening with my mom talking over old times and about the arrangements  family are making. I'm praying for the family that they find peace and comfort during this time.

Fans of Believe pictures news

It's here ...the When Calls the Heart ringtone !  I downloaded mine ,did you download yours? Thanks Mr Bird for the wonderful surprise! :-)

Fans of Believe pictures birthday bash news

I recently added this to my facebook invitation so I wanted to also add it on here as well. If you are unable to be there with us physically but would love to be there... We are able to do a 10 person hang out while having fun. If you are interested in doing this, private message me on Facebook so I can message you the information on how to do this during the party. I hope you will join us! :-)

I spent most of my afternoon on Pinterest looking up do it yourself movie themed party ideas. My niece and her best friend are good at making things, so I thought they might want to help me do something. Unfortunately I can't seem to find anything that looks remotely easy. :-) but don't worry I will keep looking! I started on Pinterest looking for ideas, but you can take up  to 10 hour out of your day before you know it and you are mesmerized by everything on there and you spend 3 hours or more looking at things! :-) I swear that site hypnotizes you or something... Lol ;-)

Little House fans

Here is a question for all the Little House on the Prairie fans out there.If you could pick any trivia question to ask a fellow Little House on the Prairie fan, that has seen all the episodes, what would that question be? Then what would the answer be to that particular question? I have some trivia questions of my own,but I like to hear your ideas as well .Trying to think of a do it yourself game to put together on my own. like I said I would love your input and besides it would be fun hearing everybody else's thoughts! You can either put them on the comment part of this blog or private message them to me on Facebook….can't wait to hear from you. :-)

Well I think that's about it for tonight I hope everyone is having a fabulous night with their families!


​ Written on February 15th 2016


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend spending it with their loved ones!


I'm still working on the 3rd Ava Hill  novel as well as working on the rough draft manuscript of what I believe is going to be the last book in the Sam Baylor series.

Question for my fellow writer colleagues

Does anyone know of any good Indie novel awards that you can apply for?  looking to apply for an award underneath my publishing company's name for the Ava series any suggestions? Your input and information would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Want to join me?

It's time to party like a Heartie or should I say fans of believe pictures member?... I can't decide so let's just go with both ;-)! If you are already in our Facebook group which by now I hope most of you are! If you're not you should definitely check it out as I've said before there are things that you will see in our Facebook group that you don't see on the website and vice a versa. Anyway... If you are on our Facebook group chances are you've already seen this message…

I've been trying to update the pinned post…. its not working so I don't know why its not updating for some reason so here's what I posted.

Question for my #FansofBeilevePictures &  #Hearties people in this group, who lives in or around the North Branch Minnesota area including  St. Paul and Minneapolis... I'm trying to get together on May 7th which happens to be my birthday. I figured what better way to celebrate than to spend time with some of you. :-) if you're interested in joining me please put a comment underneath and I will email you the details once they come together Thanks.

Want to join us? If you do first you have to join our Facebook group then you can private message me or find on the main wall of our Facebook group and let us know that you would like to join us!

Well that's it for tonight good night everyone!

Written on February 12th 2016


Okay, so it’s been  a really long time since I wrote last time sorry! Between my schedule trying to get the bookmark site back up and running as well as trying to find craft shows I can participate in it's been making my week's pretty busy these days. Or to be more clear it takes my mind away from writing whether it be fictional or blogging. Speaking of blogging have you guys checked out our new website yet?  Well I guess it wouldn’t be called exactly new since I have mentioned it several times ,but I'm excited about it and like every website it's a work in progress. It doesn't have everything the Facebook group has and a Facebook group doesn't have everything that the website has so I encourage you to check out both on daily basis and don't forget to join the conversations on either  Facebook or website. I just renewed it for another year so you're stuck with us! #FansofBeilevePictures people! Or more to the point you are stuck with me :-).

Fans of believe pictures news

I already have given you a sneak preview of what's going to be in this section of fans of believe pictures ,our website ,this  may be our best year for not only recruiting ,but gathering together talking about family friendly entertainment coming from the people of believe pictures.

In other news congratulations to Mr Brian Bird as well as the cast and crew members that all came together to create the movie Captive. As you probably already heard earlier last week Captive was picked as best movie from the Movie Guide awards! Also it has recently been nominated for the Crystal Dove Award , based on a ballot that is cast and is left up to the viewers. I  encourage you to go vote not just in the Captive category, which is best drama but the other categories as well! The voting ballot can be found at Dove website I've cast my vote already have you? Do it soon before it's too late! I believe that's it for tonight everyone sorry there's not much more to update you on have a great Valentine's Day weekend!


Written on February 4, 2016


Fans of believe pictures news

It's that time again for the Movie Guide awards... And guess what? According to Mr. Bird  on Facebook this morning  Mrs. Bird and him are on their way to the Movie Guide awards. Captive has been nominated for the top prize! We are ecstatic to hear this news! As most of you already know this past September when Captive came out, I pushed for it to be shown in the cities here  in Minnesota .After many months of being on the phone emails and such with Paramount Pictures I had the opportunity and the pleasure of hosting a night of purpose ,which was a private  viewing of the film before it went nationwide on September 18th! I couldn't be more happy for Mr Bird and all involved in the Captives film! Please know that we are praying for you and congratulations on your nomination for the top prize!

In others Fans of believe pictures news we have had many new members join us. Welcome and please share our Facebook group and our website with your family and friends. :-) don't be afraid to get involved in our conversations thoughts and speculation as well.

Fans of believe pictures website news

This morning I woke up to and alert from the website service we use for our fans of believe pictures.com website they were alerting me that it has been a year already! Can you believe it's been a year since we've had our official website?  I hope you checked it out ..Feel free to comment on anything you see here on the website as well as on our Facebook group! I try to answer your comments and thoughts as timely as possible. Also if you are someone who would like all of fans of the believe pictures contact information please email us privately through the group on Facebook and we will get back to you as soon as we can thanks for your interest.

Walk of faith LLC news

You may have noticed that I posted recently on the walk of faith LLC bookmarks page that we are redoing things . Please  bare with us during this process. I will try to get it done sometime in early March. We are currently checking our inventories and changing a few things  out . Thank you for your patience during this process.

Walk of faith LLC book news

Have you read any of Amy j Falk books? If you have you may have already received an email requesting that you review what you've read. We are calling all fans to give their thoughts and opinions on this website…


Just click on the books that you read ,click on review and give us your thoughts! It's as simple as that. :-) We can't wait to hear from you in the near future! Haven't read her books yet but are interested?  Go to the same website, you can purchase any book you wish that has been released by miss Falk. Thank you for your interest and your support!

Written on January 30th 2016

Fans of believe Pictures  news

Today I spent most of the afternoon and evening with a friend from the #FansofBeilevePictures she is also a member of the #HEARTIES it is always great when we find a chance to get together! This is the first time I invited her over to my home which is an apartment in my hometown. Today it was the two of us , usually it  is a group of us that gets together I just felt like it was the night for two people rather than a group :-) not only did we talk about our beloved show When Calls the Heart which is always an important topic when we get together ;-) but we talked about life too. I believe that that is an important part of the #HEARTIES as well as the #FansofBeilevePictures groups. It's not just about TV shows or movies it's about friends getting together and connecting both on social media and outside of social media the most important type of connection that I believe happens is in person.  I know I use the computer for most of my life because it's available to me as far as voice activation and it makes things easier for me as a disabled person. I try not to get too lazy and losing the personal connection like so many other people do these days. We all bury our heads in our phones or tablets and our computers you heard me say this before in a few of my articles that I've written in the past. The personal connections and friendships and bonds that come together through whatever means including our group has continued to grow without a TV or computer or a tablet. Most of you if not all of you who are reading this right now either you had the chance to go to the Hearties reunion or you didn't but either way you have found ways to make yourself personally connected with the people around you. This is what Believe  Pictures  is all about as well as When Calls the Heart family bonding and connections with one another so we can stop burying our heads in social but the personal connection is the most important it seems when it comes to the #HEARTIES. #FansofBeilevePictures :-) it's true we still have friends and bonds through social media but it is shows  like When Calls the Heart has inspired us to crave those  personal connections as well! :-) #FansofBeilevePictures & #Hearties groups are proof of this!


Written on January 29th 2016



I know, I know, I should be ashamed of myself it's been a very long time since I've written. I apologize for that! But between watching the live feeds of the #HEARTIES reunion , and changing the levels in my migraine medication I just have not found the time nor the energy to write in my blog I am sorry! Now that things seem to be back on track hopefully I will get to you in a more timely manner in the days to come. Today I had the pleasure of finally getting the chance to order my friend Camille’s novels. I'm so excited! I've been wanting to order them since the last one came out but just hadn't gotten to it. As of today they are on their way autographed and all! Thank You Camille I cannot wait to share them with my family!

Fans of believe pictures when calls the heart news

It was so much fun watching the live feeds from the Hearties  reunion. I am so glad that the committee took the care and time to make sure we could sort of be there even though we couldn't be there. Please know that it was much appreciated! I also would like to mention that I wanted to be there with all my heart no pun intended :-) I was glad that I didn't plan the trip due to the rainy muddy weather, my wheelchair would not have held up much like it doesn't hold up for me in rainy muggy weather for the Renaissance Festival either which has a similar Road like the road into Hope Valley. I was so excited to see all of your pictures and listen to all of your stories thank you for sharing them with us! Joyce thank you for the snapshots you found of Mr Bird and Mr Landon together it is much appreciated. :-) my dear Hearties friends I do have one request next time there is something like that if one of you could get a single picture of just them together I would appreciate it. Had I been thinking ahead of time I would have asked one of you to do so. It's my fault for not thinking but thank you to those of you who have been messaging me some photos here and there. Like I said before it is appreciated! It just adds to your stories of the fun that you had while  in our beautiful little town Hope Valley. I'm really hoping to win that autographed poster contest by the way :-) it would look very nice in my living room as well as any other , I'm sure ,but since I have a movies / TV themed living room it would fit perfectly. :-) just sayin... ;-)

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Many of you on the Little House on the Prairie reunion Facebook Group have been asking me how I feel about Paramount Pictures rebooting Little House on the Prairie for the big screen... Well I haven't said much in the group that I am involved in on Facebook. I will say this, I have said many times before how I feel about any kind of reboots when it comes to the classic TV shows and or movies..The sentimental feelings I have for the original Little House on the Prairie makes me so sad about this reboot that I have no actual words to convey how I feel about it. Many of you have asked why don't I give it a chance I will say the same thing I said to the people on Facebook I have seen similar TV about Laura Ingalls Wilder's life that mirror the TV show so in other words they have already rebooted it on a small scale before.I have always been disappointed by these movies! it's not that I want to judge this already but at the same time my heart feels that since they have already tried to reboot it in TV movie format and I haven't enjoyed those in the past I'd have to say that more than likely it will be the same whether it is on the big screen or the small screen. I know they're trying to revive it for a new generation and I can respect that! But in my opinion if you're going to do that when it comes to the classic it should just be rerun on TV. If I'm going to say my piece about it like I just did above I also have to say this if you enjoy the reboots of any film or TV show I can respect that this is just strictly my opinion!! I feel very strongly about the legacy that the original little house on the Prairie has left on so many lives. If or I should say when it is indeed rebooted I hope it will touch lives in the same way it just won't be the same for me. On that note I think I am finished for the evening I hope everyone has a good Friday and a great weekend with their families.

Written on January 14th 2016

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I spent a good portion of my afternoon watching live feed videos on periscope of the Hearties family reunion courtesy of MPCA and Brad Krevoy. It was wonderful seeing all your smiling faces!  I would like to say thank you to Brian Bird, Lori Loughlin, Janette Oke and Robin for including us in on  question and answer session of the reunion! It was the next best thing to being there. It was also fun to see how excited and happy everyone was! I especially learned a lot of information from Robins part of the Q&A. So thank you for that… so I am curious to see if Mr Bird is put in the hot seat for a Q&A as well. I also would like to say thank you to those of you who have been sharing your photos on Hearties  Facebook page. Please feel free to post your photos and stories on the fans of Believe  pictures page as well. :-) we are all in this together. ;-) we cannot wait to hear more of your stories throughout the weekend!

Question ..what was in your favor bags at the luncheon I could not see on the video?


Today a friend of mine came to visit , I haven't seen her since I first moved into my apartment here in North Branch so we had so much to catch up on! Had  a great time and I'm glad she could come I can't wait till we can get together again. :-) As we talked we realize how much things have changed in my life since 2008. It's amazing the things we take for granted or don't realize until we say them out loud. :-) have you ever had that experience?

Well I think that is it for this evening we will chat again soon have a good night everyone!


Written on January 13th 2016



Ugh another one! Stop making remakes of classics and ruining them! Yes I'm making a snap judgment, of course I haven't seen the remake yet,nobody has but you know me and how I feel about remakes of classics. Just because they have a new generation , doesn't mean it needs redone.  Some things should just be left alone. Sorry I know I'm venting but it is so irritating to see all these remakes  coming out and like I said above I know that they're probably trying to just get a new generation interested but then we change  the classic . I don't know maybe I'm being too harsh what do you guys think about this whole thing?

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The Hearties have invaded ...Canada several of our heartie friends on Facebook arrived in Canada today to get ready for the Hearties first reunion in Langley Canada! We hope you all have a wonderful time and that you will share your pictures and videos with us when you get back. We would also like to hear some of your stories if you feel like posting them on fans of believe pictures Facebook group. Well I think that's it for tonight have a good night everyone