Written June 22nd 2015:


Tonight is my second night editing A Light in Your Heart, the second book in the Ava Hill series, for the first time in 8 months! I know what you're saying... and wondering... Where have I been? A lot of people who have been reading my books have been asking. That's a very good question... My career has taken me a lot of different places these days. I'm not just a fictional writer anymore. I started occasionally writing discussion articles, as well as reviews, for family films and television. Granted, these are just considered “fan reviews,” but my fan-base has grown to levels that I never expected! God has blessed me! It is in the center of this that I have learned a lot of different lessons. The world has suddenly become my classroom. How many of you have ever heard that song, “Rose Colored Glasses”? It's about seeing the world the way you want to see it, or from a more “rosey” perspective. Well this writer is starting to see her writing in a whole new way. That's unexpected! I spent this past year writing these reviews and discussion articles, reaching out to different people in the film and TV industry, asking questions and learning things. I will admit it’s not my field of expertise, although many of you already know from previous blogs that I have a background to being behind the camera and being a spokesperson for different organizations, so I do have some perspective on what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to certain things - but nothing like this. Although I still do not claim to have any hands-on experience whatsoever, this experience I was talking about is only by asking questions or researching for answers myself. Even this experience, even the experience of getting the chance to ask those questions, even sometimes to myself, trying to understand those answers, spending many hours of research on the computer has given me the perspective of a reader that I could have never imagined... Some of you are probably saying, “You write novels. What does this have to do with television , unless you're planning, of course, to make your novel into a film or try to get it on television or maybe even thinking about writing a screenplay?

For those of you that know me, and know me well, these are all very valid questions because I've been playing with all these ideas for years. For those of you that don't know me as well, these are still valid questions to ask somebody who is a writer and talks about these things. Here is your answer: I'm currently planning to do none of the above. If it so happens that somebody takes interest in one of my novels and approaches me one day and would like to make it into some sort of screenplay, then great, but I'm not planning on approaching anyone and I'm certainly not planning on trying my hand at writing a screenplay myself. I will leave that to the pros, and trust me I know some great pros! ;-) Would I like one of my novels made into a movie or put on television one day? Yes, of course, I think that's every writer's dream, isn't it!? As I was saying, right now I'm just happy with the experience that the reviews/discussion articles are giving me as a novelist I can now look at my novels at a whole new perspective let me explain... As I sit back and edit one of my novels, for instance, A Light in Her Heart which is the second book in the Ava Hill series and is the one I'm editing now, I'm realizing a few things as I'm going through it: 1- John, my main character, was becoming way too wishy washy, or, as I like to call it, flip-flopping like a pancake. :-) My when calls the heart friends are familiar with that term, especially after the second season. ;-) I needed to find a way to better explain how I wanted him to be a strong character. I knew he was a strong character in my mind but as I hear of the story with my editor reading out loud, he wasn't coming out that way, and it was actually irritating me, because it was then that I realized he wasn't going to come off that way to my readers either... Okay, that's example number one, now let me explain how my discussion articles have helped me with this example: after hours of family television that I have went through and written discussion articles or reviews for, including movies, not just television, as if you or I have went through these movies and television and complained to myself out loud, saying, “That person is so completely not sure of themselves, but they’re such a strong character. Why can't they see it!” Come on, admit it, how many times have you yelled at the TV screen? How many times have you wished a character had been written better because you knew they were actually stronger than they were written to be personality wise. I know I can't be the only one that sometimes feels this way. I might be the oddball but I know I'm not the only one. Sadly, as I was reading through my own novel and going through the editing process with my editor, I was realizing my own main character, who I had grown to love very much being this is one of my favorite series that I've written and so close to my heart, had fallen victim to that very same thing, but I had not even seen it myself until now so then my editor and I realized it was time for the whiteboard to come out which meant rewriting sections to make John Sanders the strong character that he deserves to be.