October 27th 2015


Just found out through my Google research this week that writer and producer Brian Bird is co-writing and producing a movie that will be coming up soon. By soon, I mean sometime in 2016. It is called “Touchdown in the Tundra,” other than that I don't know many details, but in case you want to look for more details yourself, there is the title. :-) Also I did find a short article on it which I posted on the Fans of Believe Pictures page on Facebook, if you would like to check it out there. In other  news about our Fans of Believe Pictures Facebook group we are now at 317 members members! Wow, I am blown away! :-) It is great to be a part of one big happy virtual family! Also, don't forget to join the When Calls the Heart discussion room in our group before When Calls the Heart new years movie premieres on December 26th on the Hallmark Channel. This way, we don't reveal any spoilers to people in our group that might otherwise see it on the main page. Thanks for understanding.


It is the first snowfall here today in North Branch, Minnesota. As most of you know already, due to my disability, I'm not a fan of snow. Yes, it's gorgeous, and sometimes even romantic, and if we only had it a few days per year I wouldn't mind it at all. Those few days being maybe Christmas Day and Christmas Eve, that I would be alright with if it would disappear for the rest of the year! I suppose my love/hate relationship with the frosty stuff came from being a child that was an asthmatic to the point where I was hospitalized many times and I was a cold weather asthmatic on top of it all. I'm no longer an asthmatic unless I get sick with bronchitis these days. Thankfully, I grew out of that illness for the most part, but still, the fluffy white stuff is very hard to maneuver in an electric wheelchair, one, because it's wet, ultimately, and two, because wheelchair tires in snow don't do battle well, wheelchairs always lose… On the bright side, today I have my Christian radio from Google blaring, and the music loud as far as I can have it without disturbing my neighbors as I write this blog today I guess you can say it's my way of rebelling against the snow as I write this blog to you today. Lol :-) most of you know that I had a craft show at the North Branch Senior Center earlier this weekend it went very well and it was so good to see so many familiar faces those of you that usually join me at the North Branch Artfest craft show in November I had told you in a previous post on my personal Facebook page that I released as public saying that I wouldn't be in the show this year and that time would allow it well it turns out that we moved runs things in our schedules and I definitely will be at the North Branch are pressure which is at the high school and middle school no I have not heard the location of my booth yet I will let you know as soon as I know and I hope to see you there! Also don't forget if you can't make it to any other craft shows you can either buy my books at lulu.com by looking up my name or you can buy by ordering them through me on Facebook if you order them through me they come autographed. Don't forget to look at my bookmarks while you're on Facebook you can find them by looking up walk of faith LLC bookmarks you can also join my company page which has the latest news on everything I do including the fans of believe  pictures page you can look that up at walk of faith LLC on Facebook each word being capitalized. You can also find Walk Of Faith LLC on Twitter and Instagram. My company walk of faith has been around since 2011 and we will soon be enjoying our anniversary on October 31st of 2011 which by the way in case you didn't know happens to be Michael and engineers birthday and oddly enough I did not plan it that way it's kind of become an inside joke in my family my mother was sure I planned it that way and teases me about it constantly. We hope you will join us and all our adventures fans of believe pictures just being one of them as you will quickly find out. :-) I hope you all have a good evening and don't find yourself snowed in by the morning... ;-) I will leave you with this question to end today's blog what is your favorite time of year and why? My answer would have to be Christmas this season to celebrate Jesus's birth can bring the joy out and all of us if we let it.