Written October 26th 2015


I hope everyone is having a fantastic evening! :-) My weekend went well, those of you around town in northern Minnesota, where I live, probably already know by now that I was at a craft/bake sale at the North Branch Senior Center this weekend. It was fun to see lots of neighbors and friends show up to the sale, including some old teachers! Thanks for coming. It was at the sale that I was asked a question by a customer that I had a difficult time answering because to be honest I had never really thought about it. The question that was put to me is, why did I think that the first book in the Ava Hill series,is the best selling book according to my inventory. On the spot like that, the only answer I could actually come up with was the fact that I fashioned my character, at least in the first novel, more towards a true story of my own, even though it was still fiction. All the emotion that she felt, I felt through my ordeal, as you would be able to read in the note I put after the novel. It was after this explanation that the customer told me that this particular book was highly recommended at a Christian conference. I was humbled by this revelation. Unfortunately, I was unable to talk to the customer any longer because she was one of the crafters herself had to get back to her booth and I had to continue to the other customers... I cannot tell you what a blessing it has been writing the Ava series, and I'm very excited to be able to release the second book in the series very soon! I cannot tell you how your response to this particular character and series has lifted my heart! When I first began to write about the character Ava, I was hesitant to add parts of my own story in a character so deeply woven together like she was, but I found it was something God was calling me to do, and no matter how many times I tried to ignore his tapping on my shoulder, he just wouldn't let me let it go. Thankfully, now I understand why. It was a way to let my own heart heal about my own trials at that time, and I believe Ava was created in my mind and heart to help remind other people in similar situations that they are never alone, and God is always with them! If you have not read it yet, I hope you will be inspired to pick up a copy of

The  Storm Within today!  I hope and pray that it will help you with the journey in your life as well.