Written on November 18th 2015


Well it is exactly 12 a.m. in the morning and I'm finding myself awake once again not an uncommon thing, I like to write a lot at night so my brain tends to turn on around that time automatically. Lately I’ve been spending time with family rather than writing since the book release 2 days ago, it's my inbetween time where I'm still editing is a third of a book but I’m just in the beginning stages of it so I feel like I can relax a little, the  shipment of the new book hasn't made it to my house yet it's making me a little uneasy since we have a craft show soon and I have yet to get the new books in my hands for my fans. Based on the shipping details of the printing company I should get it on Friday but that's cutting it really close since the craft show in North Branch is on Saturday so there's just a little stress when it comes to that.  In other the one of the reasons  I've been taking a break from work is because I've had relatives here from Norway as I have mentioned them in previous blogs, They're going home tomorrow afternoon today was my last day with them. I will be sure and post a few pictures so you guys can share in the fun that we had, if your friends with me on Facebook I'm sure you've already seen some of our goofing off moments! :-) don't forget you can order your Light in your Heart book directly from me by messaging me on Facebook either through the Walk of Faith LLC page or my personal one if you have it available to you that you want a book that's autographed and how you would like to pay, we accept check or credit cards if you pay with a check you will get your book after we receive the check, if you prefer to pay by credit card we will set up a payment for you then send the link that you can click in order to pay for it the book comes autographed at no extra charge. It will cost you $20 and that includes shipping and handling as well as tax in the US, if your from Canada please let us know and we will adjust the price accordingly. On top of I'm also finishing a rough draft or should I say a first rough draft is the last book in the sam Baylor  series a series that you have yet to see and it will still be quite some time before you do but there will be no lack of books in between that time for me I'm constantly working on the rough draft that I have finished in order to make them into the book you finally see on the shelves! :-) Anyway I hope everyone is well and I will write again soon. I also hope to see you Saturday at North Branch, I am going to be at the high school section of the craft show in the East gym in case you were looking for me.