Written on December 13th 2015



Writing news

The joys of being a writer I hit one of those moments this week.The moment where a writer realizes the writer being me of course that your final book in a series the rough draft manuscript anyway it will not be the final book in the series after all.  Because you realize that your character still had a lot more to say. Or should I just fess up and say I had a lot more to say! Since I am the after all the writer who created the characters in the first place. Ugh! Sometimes I hate when I argue with basically since the characters are fictional after all! Please tell me I'm not the only one my colleague who has the problem switch I guess if you really think about it it's not a problem it just means you have to stay in that fictional world a little bit longer. :-)

Fan of believe pictures news🎥

Looks like one of my friends from Fans of Believe Pictures has received their Christmas gift. I made custom made ornaments for some of our friends, I have received a thank you back from writer Cindy Kelly! :-) Thank you for sending me a photo of the ornament on your it made my day!

Written on December 15th 2015

Fans of believe pictures news

Believe pictures news🎥

First of all I would like to start out this part of the blog by wishing Brian Bird and his wife patty Bird a very happy 35th anniversary. Their anniversary was on Sunday we hope you had a wonderful day and have many more years ahead of you!

TV show news📺

When calls the heart season 3 pre-order is now available on iTunes according to Hallmark’s official page for the show. I don't use itunes myself so I have not actually checked it out. I use digital video service vudu.com  and they also have the season 3 preorder available.


Writing news

We're still on the first level of editing the third Ava Hill series book falling stars but we are up to chapter 5! So that is very good news , it makes me excited to get to the other rounds of editing and see how the book evolved from there. Eventually shaping it into the final version may be a tough but it's exciting to see the final product coming together.


Walk of Faith LLC news

For those of you who haven't noticed already I posted several new bookmarks that we created some of them are even Ava Hill story themed so check them out!

Also if you have not been to our lulu.com Walk  of Faith  of the spotlight page lately where we sell our books, you might want to check it out! We now have a combo book that has the first Ava  Hill books combined together in one novel. Or you can always order any of my novels through me by private messaging me on Facebook or messaging me on a Walk of Faith LLC Facebook page. If you order directly through me all books come autographed unless otherwise directed by the customer there is no extra charge for an autograph.

In other Walk of Faith LLC news

For those of you that have been looking for our bookmarks on fiverr.com, we have made the decision do not use this website thank you for your interest and please try and find us on Facebook under Walk of Faith  LLC bookmarks.


Artwork news:

Some of you who are on my private facebook page may have already noticed that I basically put out an SOS so to speak. The request is for a photograph of a barn…. that may possibly be used in a future cover on of one of my novels. Thank you for the quick responses keep them coming I am looking through all the photos diligently and we'll make a decision soon.