Written on December 1st 2015 sorry I don't know why the font is so big I can't fix it.


Hello everyone happy December! As you already know I'm not a big fan of rain or snow for obvious reasons mostly being because I'm disabled in a wheelchair and that type of weather does not agree with an electric wheelchair. But oddly enough December is my favorite time of year minus the snow,  I love Christmas!!! Not because of getting gifts or anything like that but Jesus is the reason for the season :-) Also I love to give gifts to my friends and family I decorate my apartment usually with my mother the day after Thanksgiving and it stays up until at least 3 days after January first if not longer, what are some of your favorite traditions during this time of year with your family? If not December what is your favorite time of year? Today I was pleasantly surprised by my first Christmas card which happened to be from one of my Heartie friends, it made my day so thank you Jill! :-)

For today's schedule it was really busy in the evening I did some editing on falling stars the third Ava Hill book it's amazing the little things that you find unnecessary during the editing process yet they were so necessary while you were writing it do any other writers have that type of revelation or am I the only one?

Fans of Believe Pictures news

Thank you to all of those who wanted your signatures on the condolence card for the Landon family, the card is now ready to go and I will be sending it out in the morning. Well I believe that is all for tonight everyone I hope you had a great day! I will try and write again soon.