​ Written on December 5th 2015

Writing thoughts

I hope everyone is having a good evening! I've been thinking about something last several days and I would like to share with all of you and see what you think so feel free to comment or message me after reading this I'd like to see if I'm the only one who feels this way.This is sort of about my book writing process so here it goes. I was thinking about and/or realizing but I tend to listen to certain kinds of music when I am writing a certain scene in my novels and my music taste also seem to change within the novel that I am writing and or the series that I'm currently writing. Does anybody else  have this tendency while writing or is it just me? Oddly enough I've realized that I've inadvertently made a playlist even for when I write this blog. During this current blog that I'm writing now in fact I have a Matthew West playlist and as I'm writing this to you now I'm currently listening to his song Stop the World it happens to be one of my favorite songs by him,you should check it out. :-)

I was sitting back thinking the other day as I was editing the Falling Stars the third book in the Ava Hill series I will be writing another letter like I have done throughout the whole entire series to my readers but I have yet to be asked any questions like I was for the first two novels, I'm hoping once most of you have had some time to read it whether it's your first time reading it through or you read it several times you won't be shy about asking your questions I can't promise that all of them will be listed in the upcoming letter with the upcoming novel which will hopefully be released in sometime in 2016. Don't be shy about asking your questions I don't mind answering them most of them anyway, as most of you know by now if you have indeed read the series I have taken the character Ava very seriously not that I don't take all my characters very seriously but it has a special place in my heart in particular her character is also made me as a writer take a hard look at myself. For those of you that have yet to read this series I hope you will love her as much as I do. Also I want to take this time to mention that the Ava Hill, Book is now available on lulu.com and will soon be available on amazon.com as well as barnesandnoble.com the combo  book has books 1 & 2 combined and will be available in paperback, it is currently already on lulu.com  we are just waiting for confirmation from amazon.com as well as barnesandnoble.com I will notify you as soon as they let me know when it is available in those particular online stores.

I've been working on some artwork that some of you may be able to see if you are on my private  Facebook page where only some of those things are listed as public, I am  working on the  cover for the novel I am currently editing. I've done some of my covers in the past but haven't had much of a chance do art for quite some time because I've been so busy with other things such as changing around the inventory of my store to be completely bookmarks and books only.  Now we just have to get the manuscript finished and on the shelves to you which you know takes a while but at least I was able to get this step done. One step at a time right?

Fans of Believe Pictures

I finally had some time to sit down and do some fanart of my own I was excited about this it's been a long time since I've been able to do any kind of art because I've been so busy with my writing I appreciate and want to thank Mr. Bird for letting me use some of his photos from When Calls the Heart, all that photo credit goes to him I just did the artwork. If you are reading this post for the first time you are probably just realizing their Fans  of Believe  Pictures  has a.com and we are not just a Facebook group. So let me say this please join us on both the website and the Facebook group you will see different things in both places and sometimes you will see the same thing on both pages as well but that is very rare so if you really want to know what this group is all about you kind of need to watch both. :-) our website is www.fansofbelievepictures.com I hope you will add us to your bookmarks. As always feel free to join the conversation on either page by commenting on a website or our facebook we look forward to hearing from you! Also you can always email us at bppfans@gmail.com

Walk of Faith LLC

So have you purchased your bookmarks from us for your stocking stuffers? I hope you do it soon otherwise we won't be able to get it to you on time for Christmas. Also we may be changing around a bookmarks fan page on Facebook so bear with us! Thanks for your patience. Coming soon Ava Hill series theme bookmarks. Now the fan favorite book series by Amy j Falk will have its own bookmarks that coincide with Ava Hills story with these theme bookmarks even if you finished reading the novel you can now carry memories of your favorite character with you everywhere you go. We have not quite finished the designs for these bookmark but we will announce them soon.