Written on December 6th 2015


Colleague related news:

I'd like to start out this blog by saying congratulations to Karen Kingsbury on her first-ever Hallmark movie I know that is what most writers dream of including myself at least at one point in time it was  but now a possibility just seems daunting  but I have to remind myself from time to time that anything is possible through God . So congratulations by the way the movie was absolutely fabulous! I cannot wait until 2016 when they reveal the second part of the film. I have not read the book itself which I'm kind of glad that I haven't being it has intrigued me to do just that to see how it is different from the movie itself because most of the time I like the movie better than the films so that book maybe just what I needed to add to my book list and possibly read next! :-)

Walk of faith LLC related news

Now that I created a new bookmarks today the one that I told you about in an earlier blog that are related to the Ava Hill series they are now posted on our Walk  of Faith  LLC  bookmarks page and are up for sale so I hope you will check them out.

In other  company in news this week or I should actually say last week being it came on Thursday I received my Black Friday purchase for myself  being  I am the sole proprietor of walk of faith LLC as most of you know already.  There I go off on a rabbit trail again. :-) Anyway I receive my blood party purchase of a brand new Galaxy S tablet no it's not s2 they didn't have it available for purchase online for Black Friday.I suppose I could have waited for Cyber Monday but I was a little impatient due to the fact that all my work has to rely on voice-activated equipment as you know from previous blogs, Anyway I received a new Galaxy S tablet and I'm quickly learning about its quirks most of them with Google, Samsung and Android seem to be the same I’m learning as I go. Most of the tablet itself is voice activated if set up that way which I really appreciate being my reflexes and coordination are slow it makes things a lot easier, I still have trouble with some of the voice activation from time to time it doesn't always say what I wanted to say but I try and remind myself that's why I have friends editing for me :-). So if you are looking for a very accessible tablet does Samsung Galaxy S tablet is your tablet,but as to might be even better I'm sorry but I can't give you more information about that one being as I have never own nor have I ever used one.

Fans of Believe Pictures related news

I had a short conversation with Mr Bird the other day by email on Facebook he was kind enough to let me know that he thought my artwork that I done for our Fans of Believe Pictures Facebook page had the incorrect web address. After carefully looking at my artwork to make sure that I had not missed anything I wrote back to him and told him that that was indeed the correct address because it was the address to our Fans of Believe Pictures dot-com website. :-) But I do really appreciate the fact that he was looking out for me making sure that things were correct. I also mentioned that I was going to post their website as well since I haven't done it in quite some time so please be looking for that on Facebook site for this page. He also took this time to let me know that he will be forwarding on the condolence card that I sent to Mr. Landon and his family on behalf of this group to Mr. Landon himself.  In other Fans of Believe Pictures news as the fans of the week pictures admin I had so much fun picking out the Christmas cards as well  as the little something I plan to send to those from the pictures that I'm in touch with for Christmas, I hope they like them as much as I enjoyed picking them out. :-)

When Calls the Heart news:

While watching another Hallmark Channel Christmas movie tonight with my mother we were reminded at the bottom of the screen that the Hallmark New Year's event for When Calls the Heart is on December 26th will be airing at 7/8 Central and is a two hour event. Also they posted it on their website as well so I have copied their post to our Fans Believe Pictures Facebook it has a trailer for the movie event if you are interested.

Writing news:

Lately I can't get my character in Ava Hill out of my head, I suppose that's a good thing since that is the series I am currently editing, but at the same time I can't look in the mirror without comparing myself to her personality and wondering why I didn't do that when I was writing the book rather than now. Granted I wrote this series the way I did on purpose with her much like me, but only a few differences it was a healing process for me I wasn't even sure that I was going to release the books in the first place, I won't go into details because most of you that have read the book have also read my letters to the reader in the books so you know exactly what I'm talking about.  So as I said before based on the second book that just got released several weeks ago I am more like John and this particular book that I am able but lately everytime I look in the mirror I see her when I look at myself I can only just wish I was as bold as she is at least in the second book.  Okay,so I know she's fictional but still she speaks her mind and granted I do that occasionally but I'm not always as bold it depends on who I'm with I suppose but she definitely goes after what she wants in the second nove.I have to laugh at myself occasionally when I find myself saying why can't you be more like her? She was me probably 15 years ago ok granted I wasn't married nor did I have children and 15 years ago I was younger than she is of course but I was so bold when I was that age. I was shocked to realize that I've changed that much. I know what you're saying your heads about now she's fictional your real have you lost your mind? Lol, no of course not like I said I just identify with her more than any other character I've ever created and I'm not quite sure why that is maybe it's because God gave Ava’s storyline to me during a time when I needed healing the most,it is because of that that fictional or not Ava and John will always have a special place in my heart. Well, I guess that's it for tonight and I see that I have customers paging me on Facebook hopefully for the new bookmarks be posted based on the Ava series this evening. Good night everyone!