Written on December 7th 2015

Writing news

Today was a quiet yet busy day at all the same time, have you ever had those days.I know that might sound confusing but I actually have these types of days quite often, my definition of a quiet yet busy day it is also known as a hurry up and wait kind of day I got up this morning and instead of doing any kind of work I decided to watch television but then I realized I had to call one of my highschool friends who was interested in the new Ava Hill line of bookmarks for her daughter who happens to be one of my most eager hometown fans and usually only get to see them at the North Branch craft show here that we have every year but this time around her mother when I went to school with as I mentioned before left me her phone number to call her about any developments literary wise or even as far as bookmark development. :-) So after getting an email from her last night when I sent her the photograph of all the latest bookmark I had to call her this morning and set up a meeting so that she can look through them. Well she was looking through the bookmarks we realized her daughter who has all the rest of my novels had not purchased the first two novels that were published those being the Davis family series she eagerly said that she would need to get those for her daughter as well. After she was finished looking through the bookmarks and have the two books that she wanted to purchase she said down and we must have talked for nearly two hours or at least an hour! It is been one of those days in my life where I realized how far from high school ventured that is a good thing I've become Who I am because of what I went through and did in high school. As we continue to talk about old times we also talks about the times in our life that are new and different compared to what we knew of each other back then. This particular conversation brought us to in conversation about the Ava series a series that her daughter has become enamored with. I began to shake my head in disbelief oh she told me how much her daughter loved the book and was excited to start reading the second one. I've been told her like I've been telling many others say the series was not the series I expected to take off like it has I always thought it would end up being my Lilli girl series maybe it was because that is the series I spent the most years on in particular and I'm still not finished as far as getting all that released anyway. Then I began explaining the story behind the story why I felt in my heart that the Ava character needed to be created she is not read the series so she did not know of the letters to the reader the kind of gives the fans in inside as to why she was indeed created by the time she had left for the evening she was pretty sure she was now going to end up picking up her daughters books and reading them.It was when she said this I have to go behind her I had to laugh not at her but at the situation once again the fictional Ava story has pulled someone else in... I thought to myself but my question to you my dear readers  is it the fictional story of Ava that pulls you into the    series? Or is it like I said to this old friend of mine the story behind the story? I'm quite sure that is the question I am unable to answer so I will leave it up to you. :-) have a good evening everyone!