Written on November 15th 2015


Well I'm sitting here listening to the Christian group Anthem Lights as I'm writing this it is the night after my book release of a Light in your Heart, I hope it is received the way the Storm Within has been received, which was the first novel in the Ava Hill series.I've been blown away by the response I've received over the first novel and I'm excited to see the fans reaction in their continuing story, please feel free to leave a review after you are finished reading it at lulu.com. You can also leave your review and comments underneath this blog. :-) I look forward to discussing it with you in further detail! For those of you that don't like spoilers you may not want to look in the comment thread. Me I'm one of those readers who doesn't mind reading the last page before I begin the book, Lol! For those of you that have not read any of the Ava Hill series books of which there are two so far the Storm Withhin, the first novel and a Light in your Heart or currently of available on lulu.com  or also will soon be available on Amazon. We are also currently working on getting together and combo book of the Ava Hill books thus far, so be watching for a book that will have both novels together.

In other news.

I would also like to say that we here at Walk of Faith LLC are praying for all the families involved in the Paris tragedy as well as the people in the community.