​ Written on November 20th 2015

Well tonight's the night, it's the night before my biggest craft show of the year, it just so happens to be in my hometown and if you read the previous blogs you know I've been anticipating this one it's also when I first reveal the latest book a Light in your Heart to the public other than online of course. It's been online for several days now since last weekend to be exact so far there's only been one purchase and that has been through me directly instead of the online store! I realize not everyone I know is on social media not even close, I'm hoping once again my hometown people will embrace the new novel as well as my fans out in the social media as soon as they start seeing some reviews. I'm hoping that I will get good / bad  reviews soon.You might find this funny for a writer to say but good or bad I like to see the reviews because it just motivates me to become an even better writer especially when somebody gives me constructive criticism. I honestly thought I would never say that I was thin skinned when it came to criticism in my college years but as I started writing more and more even before I was officially published and became acutely aware of how much criticism is actually needed and welcomed at this point, like I said it becomes great motivation for me either type good or bad. Well anyway I better get some sleep before the big day hope you all have a very nice weekend! I also hope to see some of you at the North Branch craft show.