Written on November 28th 2015


I know it's been 8 days since I have written last sorry about that it's been a crazy 8 days let's see where do I start.Well, let me start with saying that I booked my tickets for the Wilder pageant which is at Walnut Grove, when I am set to head there in July of 2016 as I had previously told you in a blog, I'm excited to say I am not only going to Walnut Grove in the Wilder pageant but I got front row tickets to the pageant I believe Miss Grassley is scheduled to have a Q&A the night of the pageant or at least I should say the first night of the pageant I'm so excited! But I guess that goes without saying lol... Ok now comes the second thing on the list which is I did the North Branch craft show and it went wonderfully, thank you to all the friends as well as acquaintances that showed up at Jay to pick up my latest novel. :-)

Unfortunately the third thing on my list is sad, I need to ask for your prayers for myself, my family, but most of all my father some of you already may know this if you are and our Facebook group for Fans of Believe Pictures but last March my father went into a coma with a high fever and was unable to function, speak, or walk and when he did speak it was mostly gibberish, he didn't know anything around him and was very confused. When he finally did wake up from the 3 day coma we were blessed, when God allowed him to wake up and slowly gained a recovery he was never a hundred percent but he was able to walk talk. They never did figure out what happened to my father, all the test came back either negative or positive in a good way or inconclusive. I'm sad to report my father has had another episode as the doctors put it for lack of a better term and lack of knowing what it actually is he is not in a coma this time though but he again only can speak gibberish and when he is able to speak which can happen occasionally but then he will go back to speaking gibberish he thinks it is the year 2005 is highly confused and they are still working to find out what it is that is happening to him now he is at a different hospital here at the University of Minnesota and they seemed intrigued by his case and genuinely concerned for his well being unlike the last time this happened, where are the doctors just threw up their hands and gave up at the hospital he was at. I feel much more confident with the hand that he is in currently  under thanI did last year. Please pray with us that the doctors will be guided by God's hand in all of this.We are all praying for  answers no matter what they may be,not knowing seems to be the worst of it! Thank you for your prayers and kind words. Now how may I pray for you?