Written on November 30th 2015


Hi everyone, if you are in our Facebook group for Fans of Believe Pictures you already know the sad news, on Saturday Michael Landon Jr's mother passed away.This was confirmed by producer and friend Brian Bird. Thank you to those of you who contributed your name to our condolence card. We are praying for the Landon family in their time of grief.  

I would now like to take a moment to say thank you to those of you who have been praying for my father, ever since March of 2015 we have been searching for a diagnosis to these episodes and we finally have one, it is called frontal lobe dementia it is a non progressive type of dementia that is more like a record that skips, he will from time to time have these particular episodes we don't know how or when they will start and how long we will last but in between those times he will be completely normal. Since trigger to the start of these episodes as they call them seem to be migraine headaches. Again I thank you for your prayers and support and ask that you continue to pray for our family as we adjust to our new normal.

Ok,now for some Believe Pictures news,who's ready for the When Calls the Heart Christmas show! I don't know about you guys but this girl is! :-) I am hoping the reports are true and that it will sort of pick up where it left off from our cliffhanger season finale. Have you seen the Hallmark teaser trailer yet? If you haven't gone on to our Facebook page for our group and I have posted it in there so who's got some guesses as to what's going to happen during this Christmas so? Let's keep the speculation going you know how much I love speculation sometimes you're right sometimes you're wrong but it's still fun!

In movie news for possibly pictures Brian Bird feature film Captive will be available sometime in January on HD DVD it is now available for preorder on Amazon and it is available for digital download on vudu.com I believe Amazon video digital download also has it for pre-order. I know I'm picking up my copy just haven't decided whether it's going to be DVD or digital copy what about you guys is that something you will buy yourself in the new year? I hope so! It is a riveting movie about a true life story check it out.

In book news

Do you live in the Minneapolis or Saint Paul Minnesota area? Is your library or establishment looking for a local author to do a book signing? My latest book is out out  and I am now looking for places that are looking for others like me . If you are a librarian or an owner of a local establishment that is interested in booking me for your event to do a book signing email my company walk of faith LLC at


subject line book Amy j Falk with details of what you like the event to be and your phone number or email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.