Written on October 19th 2015

Today I worked on the Ava Hill series combo book which so far I have the front cover done and the interior done I still have to work on the back cover. I was hoping to get it finished today but it didn't happen. Also my printing company alerted me today to let me know that my shipment of the new books as well as some of the other books that I needed in stock are well on their way I should either have them by today or Friday at the latest, those of you who have ordered an autographed copy from me or should I say pre-ordered your book will be on its way soon if you haven't yet ordered the new novel it will be available as early as this week and it's $15 plus $5 shipping and handling if you are on the US it is also available for local pickup if you are from Canada contact us and we will recalculate the shipping price. We have 24 on the way so don't hesitate to order that last minute stocking stuffer.If you're like me most of you probably have your shopping for Christmas well under the way with Thanksgiving being this Thursday. :-) Let's talk about Thanksgiving for a minute what are you some of your family traditions on Thanksgiving? My family usually gathers at my parents house and we all bring a dish to share, while my mother usually cooks the turkey but this year being my nephew got married my brother opted to have our Thanksgiving and we are hopeful that his bride's family will join us as well. The day after Thanksgiving is when I usually decorate my apartment for Christmas, Christmas is my favorite holiday for many reasons none of them being the gifts. What is your favorite holiday and why? Well I guess that's all for tonight I will write again soon have a great night everyone. :-)