Written on December 15th 2015



So who has some favorite holiday recipes? The only holiday recipe I usually use or I should say enjoy this time of year, that I do myself with the personal care attendants help of course... Is the pumpkin bread recipe that so happens to be in the Kingsbury household as in Karen Kingsbury. Her son tweeted it to me when I asked questions a couple years ago on Twitter when he sent pictures of the making it. I don't just make this pumpkin bread once a year however, I make it all throughout the year I haven't made it in several months now and I'm actually getting hungry for it just talking about it. :-) so what do you like to make during this time of year or what is your go-to desserts throughout the entire year?


A while back I think I told you I have 5 people in my life that inspire me. I've never met any of these people in person but they inspire me to be the writer that I am today and my dream is to one day meet at least one of these five people! :-) yes there are plenty more than five people that inspire my life but these are the five major players in the writing and or movie industry that I look up to.

1 Well I bet you can guess who that is... Michael Landon senior . Unfortunately he is no longer with us.

2 Michael Landon Jr.

3 Brian Bird

4 Janette Oke

5 Karen Kingsbury

Now  these people are not written in any particular order. Of course there could be and as I said many more. If I had to choose someone that was no longer with us and I had a time machine where I could go back in time and spend the day with that particular person I would have to add Jane Austen to the list... I don't think this addition to the list will surprise any writer although this is only my assumption of course ,but I have a feeling Jane Austen inspired a lot of women writers in her time and even now. I can say I've read all of her novels that she wrote during her short career and I love them all but most of all I love Pride and Prejudice! I have both versions of the movie and I watch them all the time .I have them memorized and I've read the novel itself 8x .I guess you could say that I kind of have the book memorized as well…. Yeah I'm just a little addicted :-) but hey, if we didn't have writers like that my readers wouldn't have a writer like me. It is my belief that who we look up to, whether we met in  them person or not ,still  they can somehow shape who we become. So dream all your dreams Maybe someday someone will be looking up to you because of what of what you’ve done in your life.. Well I guess that's it for tonight!  Looks like some of my friends are trying to get ahold of me by messenger on Facebook ,so I better get going and see what they want.

Have a good night everyone and dream big!