Written on December 16th 2015



Today I went to see the talent show at the Maranatha Church in Forest Lake Minnesota .My brother is part of the Maranatha congregation and has been for several years as well as his family. I have visited there quite a few times for different activities but I have to admit I have never been to the variety show before. So I was excited to see my brother and his funny antics as I have been told he does every year at the show .I wasn't disappointed! My brother can be very comical when he wants to be... Although I have to admit, I was rather embarrassed in a good way .You could definitely tell it was something my brother did ...he had made up lyrics to go with a recognizable Christmas tune but they weren't there normal lyrics because my brother just can't do normal and I mean that in a good way :-) it was also fun seeing all the young kids who were brave enough to get up on stage and do what they love .For example, gymnastics ,singing a solo, and even a kid who likes to ride his pogo stick.

Fans of Believe Pictures news

Today I received two of my fans of believe pictures shirts that I created on spreadshirt.com I'm currently not selling them ,I just wanted to order some for myself for backup purposes while I will be in Walnut Grove this summer.  When I will be writing a second edition of the Landon legacy article. Although if anyone is interested in purchasing a  Fans of Believe Pictures shirt with one of my designs please let me know and we can probably figure something out…

In other Fans  of Believe  Pictures sort of news

Heartie friend author Camille just got a new shipment of her latest novel you guys should check it out! :-) just look up Camille Eide on Facebook.

So those are the latest updates have a great night everyone!