Written on December 17th 2015



Today I spent most of the day typing up Christmas cards for my personal care attendant to graciously hand write them out for me later this evening, thank you to all of those thank you to all of you who has sent me cards this year. It has put an extra smile on my face everyday to know that my Hearties and Fans of Believe Pictures family are out there. :-)Also know that I'm getting back to you as soon as I can so you may not get your cards until New Years but I'm trying. :-)


I was binge watching Flashpoint this evening, as I was signing the Christmas cards that my personal care attendants had finished writing for me, you'll never guess who I saw... Pascale Hutton yes that's right Rosemary on when calls the heart I've watched the show in the past and have never realized that before. Did any of you know that she was in that show?

Oh and speaking of TV did any of you watch Hallmark’s detour for Christmas this year with Candace Cameron Bure?? The actor that plays Charles on When Calls the Heart is the fiance of Candice's character, forgive me as his actual name escapes me. Anyway you should really check out that movie it was fabulous! But then again when is Candace Cameron Bure not wonderful?

Well I guess that is it for this evening, I didn't do any editing today or writing due to the migraine I had yesterday, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend be safe out there if you travel.