Written on December 18th 2015



To start off with today I was helping a friend figure out the pattern where in messenger bags I asked her to make only problem is I have way too many fabrics in my collection that I like way too much. :-) also on today's agenda I rode out to more cards that my assistant will help me handwrite this week so when I say wrote out I mean typed out really.




Today I started the 12th book in the Sam Baylor series, it's what I truly hope will be the final book in the series and there may not be 12 once I publish them because some are smaller than others and I'm thinking about combining them into one novel but but for now the rough draft there are 12 of them I don't say that because I don't like this particular series, I say that because my mind has taken it further than I expected which is fine it's happened to me before... I guess I just did not expect to be working on it quite  this long I'm not tired of it or anything it just went in a direction that I didn't expect, what has like I said happened to me before and that was with the Lily series so it hasn't happened in a few years. I looked on all the online stores that carry of my novels today just for fun to see if anybody knew has viewed anything and so far the only one with any reviews are the Storm Within which has 1 review and has had that one for quite a while and Love Dream. I'm really hoping that the new novel a Light in your Heart will get some reviews soon I really enjoy hearing from you guys it helps me reflect and learn new ways to keep you engaged so don't be afraid to review, its taking some time to get the new book a Light in your Heart on the Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites, they are still up for review before they will accept them but please do not be afraid to review any of my novels at any point on lulu.com. Thanks!


Christmas traditions

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions with your friends and your family? One of mine is something that I actually do myself, I watch Home Alone 2 every year that is the Home Alone movie that I actually prefer and sometimes I watch it several times over if I get the chance, I don't own it but I can usually find somewhere where it's available right now it's available on HBO now so I've watched it at least twice this past month. My friend Hannah was laughing at me because tonight as we watched it I could tell you what they were going to say verbatim before they actually said it. Well I believe that's it for now. :-) I will talk to you guys again soon!