Written on December 20th 2015


Okay; so I went to Maplewood Minnesota with my parents today and it turned out we ended up in the ER because of my mom's fibromyalgia. It decided to go haywire and become costochondritis... Please don't ask me to say that five times fast!  lol. i.t took me awhile for my voice activation to even understand what I was saying. :-) Anyway ,it turns out her first diagnosis of costochondritis was correct from earlier this week and we decided to go Christmas shopping since we were in town... Only .I forgot that Hobby Lobby is a Christian store and is not open on Sundays :-(! Although I do applaud them for upholding their beliefs I was completely bummed that they were not open. Number one I wanted to do some Christmas shopping number two I wanted to look for better colored pencils for my coloring books, If you're on my personal Facebook page you know I've been on a adult coloring book kick lately in order to  help my coordination because of my cerebral palsy. For me it's not just about colouring it's a type of occupational therapy. Anyway I digress... Although you should know I'm very good at that! Lol. Being that Hobby Lobby was not open I settled for Michaels and I say settled  because I can never find anything in that store anymore. They've got the same type of product up in front and then we got more of it in the back if you don't like what you see up front and then we got some of it in the middle it just doesn't seem to be organized and frustrates me greatly. If you saw my office area of my house you would laugh at  the statement I am NOT a very organized person and I do not pretend to be. :-) Anyway that store makes me dizzy ! Along with my frustrations in finding what I wanted when I finally did ,the whole entire aisle was wiped out except for two things, grumpy face! Or at this point in the season should I be saying Grinch face? Either way ,picture this in your mind. I'm going up and down the art aisle of which as I said there was literally only one colored pencil art set in the whole entire aisle and guess what ?It was also the most expensive. I went to the kids aisle  just in case I was missing something and could find some cheap Crayola brand colored pencils. In the meantime me personally I like the artist colored pencils better ,they're more durable but that's just my opinion .It turns out I was out of luck there anyway so we bought the set and finish your Christmas shopping along with noticing some things were on sale in the charm and beating asile so of course we had to stop there just in case we found something for the bookmarks .Yes I said more bookmarks but we will get to that later in the walk of faith LLC section. When we got home I went to hobbylobby.com and research different types of colored pencils. I decided on the prism ones but got them on Amazon as they were on sale there for a much bigger pack anyway. I eventually would like to try the water color  pencils .Has anybody tried those? I would like to talk to somebody who's used them first before I purchase them ,so if you have make sure you leave a comment under this blog. I'd love to hear from you! I also would like to get a multi color gel pen set or I guess they called the multicolored gelly roll pens and try coloring with those. The adult coloring book recommends those or thin tipped markers but I am allergic to markers so I would like to try the gell pens again .I used to have a ton of them in high school but can't find them anywhere in my apartment... Go figure when you want something you can't find it anywhere!  I know I'm not the only one that has that problem. :-)

Walk of faith LLC news

After much discussion with my brother who helps me with my business affairs as far as Walk of Faith I will see ghosts and also discussing it with my mother as well we have decided to up the price of the bookmarks due to the cost of material we will now be selling the bookmarks for $5 each this change will take place online as soon as I can get things changed around and it will take place at our next draft show in March at the Cambridge Minnesota High School. We have been telling some of our customers that we may be making this change in the future so it shouldn't be any huge surprise we are now advertising more which cost money as well as doing more shows we are also  praying that the bookmarks will hopefully one day be sold in boutiques / coffee shops around the area no such deal has been made however but that's what our goal is. Thank you for being understanding about this change. We will still be doing combine shipping when you order more than one and we will also still be selling to Canada.

That's it for today everyone I hope everyone is excited about the holidays as I am!