Written on December 21st 2015



Today was a slow day I slept in until about 10:30 this morning. My mom made me one of my favorite munches which consists of macaroni and cheese! I know I'm such a kid right? I watched part of the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding .Love that movie !I haven't seen it in forever but didn't get a chance to finish as my mom found the movie” Little Boy” on Netflix. Well I was watching mine on my tablet and got distracted by her movie instead which by the way I highly recommend it is a really good movie. Then for the rest of the day literally the rest of the day I colored in my new coloring book that my mom purchased for me yesterday along with the colored pencil set which didn't give me very many colors. so I borrowed some from Crayola coloring pencils for when she has the neighborhood kids at the house. They were in bad need of a pencil sharpener ,however there was no sharpener to be found so I brought them back to my place and used my electric sharpener to sharpen them for her. This led to another coloring moment when I decided to flip through the book to see what it had to offer. Like I said I spent most of my day coloring. I know that's not very productive of me but that's what happened. Hopefully after the holidays I can get back on track with my editing. :-) Well that's actually good for today guys ,hopefully I will have more interesting news for you tomorrow. ;-)