Written on December 19th 2015



Today I mostly took today off except I had one of my assistance edit the last two blogs that I posted for you today. Other than that we just mostly watch TV together and talked about what we would do with our families for Christmas.  Now it is 10:28 at night and I'm listening to Christmas music on Google radio as I write this to you so it's been a pretty relaxing day. What have you guys been up to this weekend last minute Christmas shopping perhaps?

Fans of Believe Pictures news

Today producer Brian Bird posted more information on Touchdown in the Tundra his next film that he is working on he said they are currently in the script writing stages . Then after watching a short documentary clip that he sent out on Facebook. I'm eager to watch this film then I was when the first article came out about it just a couple of months ago. After the success of Captive this one I cannot wait to see what he comes up with next. It seems like a very inspiring story and hopefully( like many of his films) this movie will inspire others to not just watch what's going on around the world but do something to help someone else. :-) In September I had the opportunity to host a Night of Purpose event in Oakdale Minnesota it was my privilege to help promote his film this September and I hope I will be able to possibly do something similar to Touchdown in the Tundra. Or at least get the word out if nothing and I know my Fans of Believe Pictures family will help me just that!

When Calls the Heart season 3 news:

As you know I do discussion article during the When Calls the Heart season to try and facilitate more conversation on our Facebook group for Fans of Believe Pictures. The articles that I post on there will also be posted on the website here in the articles and reviews section please feel free to read them and start your own conversation regarding the articles or answering my questions to what you think maybe the answers there are no right or wrong answers it's just fans discussing a TV show! I look at both the comments on the website as well as the Facebook and I answer in my opinion as best I can. As always I try my best to keep the discussion going in other words. I wanted to let you know ahead of time that the format for these articles will be changing again something new to look at for the new season ahead! :-) I will be doing a newspaper format so each of my headlines will have their own article . It will be as if you are looking at the front page of a newspaper I thought it might be kind of exciting that way... I want to hear your input. All opinions and thoughts are always welcome!

Producer's journal:

Every season of When Calls the Heart ,Mr. Bird has been kind enough to give us an insight after each episode by providing us with the producers Journal. Who misses it, I do! I look forward to it every season . I almost wish there was a way he could do it more often with some of his movies of course that's the fan and me thinking that and I know it's almost selfish with how busy he and Mr. Landon they both are... But hey a person can wish can't they?

In the news:

Has anybody noticed that When Calls the Heart has been in a lot of press at least the press online lately? I have and it makes me very excited to see such a thing there is and/or has been so much support for our family television show is a wonderful thing to behold! I'm so glad to see so many advertisers getting on board as well we must remember to take them when we get the chance if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have When Calls the Heart!

Fan art and get togethers

If you have been posting fanart for either in Fans  of Believe Pictures  show like When Calls the Heart or just regular Fans of Believe Pictures art first of all I would like to thank you! We love seeing your artwork now I have a question for you or should I say I want to tell you that this is also available if you would like to you can also email us your fan art and give us your permission to put it on offensively pictures.com page we would give you the credit along with hallmark if it is a when calls the heart fan art piece just know that this option is available to you you can place a comment underneath this blog or let us know on Facebook that you would like to email it to us and we can tell you exactly how to do that. We look forward to hearing from you! Also if you have a Hearties or Fans of Believe Pictures get together and would like to post those photos as long as you have all the peoples included inside gathering permission to post the photo we would also be able to post those on our.com website for you as well.


When  I logged into Facebook this morning I had to smile to myself Facebook reminded me of a memory  up, it showed me a photograph of the cover of my first novel when it was first published in 2009 my Eagle Wing publishing in Wisconsin today was the day the anniversary of when I first became an Author  in 2009! That's all for this evening everybody have a wonderful rest of your weekend and a beautiful Sunday with your families!