Written on December 22nd 2015



Today my oldest niece came over just to spend some time with me, we talked a little,laughed a lot as usual it was nice to spend some time with her, she's a very busy girl between school and work,it's very rare these days that we get to spend more than 15 minutes with each other, I know that she tries and that's the important thing! Since I am unable to have children of my own my nieces and nephews are close to me, or at least I try to keep them close to me. Or I should say they are like an extension of what I imagine my own children would have been like. But again I can only imagine that since I can't be a parent myself. :-) Since my niece came over to chat I showed her my numerous coloring books and told her about my new fetish lol. She agreed that colouring was more fun than work, keep in mind she is a 19 year old :-) ;-)

Also today was my friend Mandy birthday Happy Birthday Mandy! I hope you had a wonderful one. :-)

Landon legacy news:

Today some of my Heartie friends pointed out an article about a person who may be reviving Little House on the Prairie with new cast members and such I will tell you the same as I told them, this is the only article I've seen same article before that or something similar and  I saw it over 2 years ago. Please keep in mind that I'm keeping my eye out for more information whether this is a hoax or truth once I know more I will definitely know more. If it is true that they are reviving the Little House on the Prairie series for a new generation I hope they give it the respect that it deserves. I personally am NOT necessarily happy about this news! I don't like when they redo an old TV shows for the simple fact that I think they lose something when they are revived with all new actors writers etc but this is my personal opinion and would be no matter what old show it was,I would feel the same way about movies that are redone. Thank you to my Heartie  friend Debì who brought this particular article to my attention. :-)


Today I did some editing on my blogs with my personal care attendant as most of you have already noticed it's been updated to the latest date, at least of course until I post this one online. :-) I also am planning on doing some work tonight on the 12th Sam Baylor novel after I am done with this blog. I hope everyone has a good night and I will probably write blogs over Christmas since I only meet with my family on Christmas Day and also only usually for part of the day being all my siblings are married and have families of their own. You probably won't see those postings until a few days after Christmas but until then I hope everyone has a wonderful and joyous Christmas with their friends and family and know that I'm thinking and praying for all of you.