Written on December 25th 2015



Merry Christmas everyone!

About 12 p.m. US time my parents household was filled with family we had another appetizer year which meant all of my siblings made and brought a soup except for me  I made or had my PCA make sommore bars.

After we all ate we opened gifts and played jeopardy game that my sister made up herself she's good at that making up games and the prizes for our Christmas gifts from her and her family it was quite fun! From my parents I received a new adult coloring book and some markers as well as some leg warmers which I've been wanting for quite leg warmers some time being my lower half of my legs are always cold because of my disability. The rest of my gifts consisted of candy or food items along with the gift cards which will be helpful when I buy that camera before I go to Walnut Grove hopefully. :-). The best gift of all and is having my family under one roof, Christmas is a wonderful time of year and is a time for family. What did you do today what are you some of your special traditions? After everyone else left my older sister and her husband stayed to watch Dolly Parton  Coat of many Colors movie, it was fabulous! If you haven't seen it with your family you should! Hopefully it plays again so you will have that opportunity. Have a good night friends we will talk again soon.