October 20th 2015 part 2

Today I realized that Tracie Peterson's latest book and last novel in the Brides of Seattle series, the series that I recommended in an earlier blog, was released today on audible.com. You can imagine how excited I was for this news! :-) In other book related news, my friend Camille Eddy’s second novel was released audible.com as well. Now my only dilemma will be which one to read first! :-) Now if I could  just get the publishing companies to realize that Michael Landon Jr. and Cindy Kelly’s medallion series needs to be released on audio as well, I would be one happy reader! :-) So by now you must be saying, if you're doing all this reading, when do you have time to do your own writing. Well, that's the beauty of being in the middle of edits: I'm not really writing anything new, and there's no need for me to being I have around 30 or so rough drafts, and yes, I said 30, ready to be edited. I finally decided to take a break from actual writing, and get some of those novels up to you, period. Being I am not part of a big publishing company and do all this myself, with friends’ help, of course, it takes me awhile to get from start to finish and get it on the shelves for you guys. I'm trying to do it in a faster fashion, trying being the operative word. So that means the days that I don't have a second pair of eyes for the editing process, I have quite a bit of downtime. Sometimes, depending on the week, anyway, this gives me a chance to finally get through my long reading list that I've had for years. I believe I've nearly read every Tracie Peterson novel that audible has to offer. Can you tell her I'm a fan? I'm not quite sure which novel will be next on my list I will let you know once I find out but I know as soon as I'm done with the brides of Seattle series I will be reading Camille's latest release on audible.com.

In other book news, I'm down to my last copy of The Storm Within that I have available for sale from me, and it will be the last until we re-release it under the Walk Of Faith publishing company. For those of you that don't know already, if you order my novels through me directly, they will come to you autographed. To order it directly through me, find Walk Of Faith LLC on Facebook. We have two pages under that name. There is a bookmark page, and a regular company page. If you message me through either one of the pages, you can order the book. It is $10 + $5 shipping and handling in the US. For payment, we take check, cash, PayPal, or we can set up a split payment for your credit card, if you wish. You can order any of my previous books this way. You can order them on amazon.com, lulu.com, and some are even available at Barnes & noble.com. We only have a few that are available on eBay at this time, but I’m working to convert all of them to book soon. To find any of my novels your best option will be going to lulu.com. They make a great stocking stuffer. The paperback version of my books make a great stocking stuffer for that special reader in your life along with the handmade unique bookmarks, so I hope you will keep that in mind while doing your Christmas shopping. ;-) Well, I guess that's about all for tonight. Find your favorite book and curl up with your favorite blanket and let yourself drift off to to an imaginary land with a great adventure because in books anything is possible.