Written on October 16th 2015


Hotel reservations have been made, and I am ready to go. Where, you might ask? Unfortunately, it won't be the Heartie family reunion in Canada, but I am going to one of my favorite places of all time. I am headed back to Walnut Grove for some small town and historic fun in July of 2016 where Karen Grassley is going to be making an appearance! I met some new friends the last time I was in Walnut Grove for the 40th reunion of Little House on the Prairie. I am happy to say that those friends, Pauly, Carrie, and Josh, will be joining me on the trip as well. We will all be driving separately from our homes, but we have a plan to stay at the same Hotel over the weekend, so be ready for photos and maybe even some video on how I spend my downtime... Well, sort of down time, anyway, you have to know that there's going to be an article out of this. If there wasn't, I would be remiss in my love for the Landon legacy. If you're just now reading this part and realizing that I'm a fan of all things Michael Landon and Michael Landon Jr., then you will have to go back to the articles and reviews link on this page and find the article entitled Landon Legacy. That will give you more background on what I'm speaking about now. I'm excited to say that I also have friends and family that live in the Walnut Grove and Walnut Grove area I have told them that I'm coming to visit again in 2016 and maybe this time I will be able to meet up with them. Unfortunately, I was unable to get a hold of them in 2014 when I went to the 40th reunion and met many of the Little House on the Prairie cast members. This year I was able to get ahold of them and let them know that I would be there in July of 2016, so I'm hoping to get a town member’s point of view of living in a historic town. This time, it will just be Karen there will not be any other cast members joining her, but that is good enough for me. I have yet to meet Karen, and I'm ecstatic to be able to do so. It is also a great way to make up for not being able to make it to the Hearties family reunion in Canada, although I wouldn't begrudge my fellow Hearties the chance to be there themselves, and I'm very excited for all of them! :-) I'm really hoping that some of my friends who are able to go will take extra pictures and share them with us in the Fans of Believe Pictures Facebook group. ;-) One day, I hope to be able to go to Canada to meet my friends and the people I look up to (Mr. Bird and Mr. Landon) that I have connected with while doing articles on When Calls the Heart. It just didn't work out this time, but I'm not going to give up! Giving up is not in my nature and anyone who truly knows me will back me up on this!