Amy J. Falk spent her childhood years growing up in a Christian home in North Branch, Minnesota, enjoying a steady supply of family films with intriguing story lines that she mulled over, mentally re-wrote and pondered yet again. Never one to let her Cerebral Palsy slow her down, her creativity soon turned into a desire to write books of her own. The Lord has blessed Amy with a desire to place good, clean reading materials in the hands of teens and adults alike. Amy has published several novels to date, and many more are waiting to be published. While some might think their disability is a hinderance, Amy has never let her wheelchair or physical difficulties stand in her way. Personal challenges and victories have all played an important role in her storytelling throughout the years, and if you look closely - you will see a lot of Amy on these pages.Currently, Amy is back in her small home-town where she is close to family and friends. She is busy writing reviews for prominent movies and television shows, along with managing several websites and writing her own articles. To learn about her most current projects, go to: