Written on January 4th 2016


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So I worked a little bit more on the When Calls the Heart New Year's event article. I am hoping to have the rough draft finished by the time the personal care attendant that helps me with editing the articles each season is back from her vacation .Hopefully it will be published by then.


Since I am one of those writers who has to seem to work in privacy, while I'm at my parents I don't usually work on my writing project unless it's important that I get it done at a specific time, So for the most part over the past two days while I was at my parents like usual on Sunday through Monday afternoon especially lately since my dad's been ill, I worked on my coloring skills once again. My coloring project for the day got wrecked due to a major smudge across the entire page just as I had finished a part of it that took three hours. I was a little irritated by this fact and decided not to color for the rest of the day because it would just end up frustrating me that I couldn't finish the project I started because it was wrecked. So instead I turn to my tablet for some entertainment. Just for fun I decided to go on YouTube and Google Michael Landon senior. I do this occasionally same things with Brian Bird from time to time as well as Michael Landon Jr just to see what pops up. For two main reasons number one to make sure I report any pirated episodes I see that is one of my biggest pet peeves! And number 2, I want to see if there's any interviews of their upcoming movies and or trailers that I can share with you guys. :-) But when I look up Michael Landon Sr. it is mostly to find interviews that I've never seen before rather than movie trailers or TV trailers. To my delight I was able to find some of the spots where Michael Landon senior was on the Johnny Carson show several times to see his sense of humor like I've never seen before except for maybe on bonanza was quite funny and I found myself entertained for quite some time! Luckily these clips were posted by Johnny Carson. Com so I didn't feel as if I was watching anything pirated yes I found myself entertained! They were just strictly clips of Michael Landon when he was on the show not the entire episode.  You should to do it sometime when you have down time because I am positive you will find yourself just as entertained as I was. It definitely put a smile on my face. In fact I even showed one of the clips to my fans of believe pictures Facebook group. I don't usually put Michael Landon senior in front of them being the group is supposed to be about Michael Landon Jr and Brian Bird but occasionally the Landon legacy fan in me just has to share what I've seen or heard . So I'm sure you will forgive me that from time to time at least I hope so. :-) and for those of you who want to see something really hilarious please check out Michael Landon Johnny Carson 1983. I believe the title of the video should say Michael Landon plays prank on Johnny it might even just say Michael I can't remember exactly but trust me it's hilarious! :-)

Anyway I hope you all had a fabulous day and have had a great start to the new year! That is all for tonight and I will talk to you again soon.

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