Written on January 12th 2016



I just now realized that it's been several days since I've written last sorry about that! With the weather changing so much below zero - 14 and 15 to be exact 12 if we're lucky! I've been dealing with my migraines again so I haven't felt able to do much of anything the last few days.  while  at my parents over the weekend I did binge watch more CSI New York. My migraines are more of the type that cause pain in the back of my head and can even occasionally cause mobility problems, more so than I already have from my disability. I very rarely have sensitivity or noise sensitivity luckily if I have to choose between the different types of migraines I guess I would use this kind although it changes it up always keeping me on my toes of every time I have one. So how are all of you weathering the harsh cold temperatures curling up with a good  movie or book I hope. :-)

Festive believe pictures news

Our Hearties  have been waiting for the Hearties   family reunion in Langley Canada and it happens this weekend! I so wish I was able to come and I'm sorry I'm going to miss the festivities but hopefully one day I will get my chance to meet all the wonderful people that you guys are going to get to meet this weekend and if I'm lucky maybe even some of you.  Hey I'm a writer it's my job to dream is it not? :-) anyway I hope all of you have a wonderful time! I can't wait to hear all of your stories when you return, please feel free to post things on the Fans of Believe  Pictures world about the reunion if you wish to tell us all about your trip! You can also post it in the common area of this blog if you would rather. Don't forget to tell Mr Bird I said hello along with Mr Landon of course.

In the movies

Several weeks back Mr Bird made reference to the movie Saving Mr. Banks on his Facebook page saying that is one of the reasons why he is a writer. I believe there was a quote from the movie to go with that statement but I for the life of me I cannot remember exactly what the quote was... Anyway I decided to watch the film for myself as I have never seen it before and it's been recommended to me more than once. I have to tell you I enjoyed the film immensely! And I totally know how PL Travers feels about her characters.I get it although I don't think or I would hope I wasn't or wouldn't be quite as demanding as she was! In fact I turn to my personal care attendant and her husband that we're both watching the film with me and said if I ever get like that when a deal is on the line for one of my books, if ever that happened smack me in the side of the head! Of course they laughed and so did I... truth is... I hope somebody does give me a reality check if something like that ever happens and I act high and mighty. Of course there's more to the story than that on Saving Mr. Banks but I won't give it away it's definitely a must see movie!

Well, I think that's it for tonight and again to my Hearties friends, have a wonderful fun weekend and may live it up to the fullest and lock it up in your heart forever! :-)