Written on January 13th 2016



Ugh another one! Stop making remakes of classics and ruining them! Yes I'm making a snap judgment, of course I haven't seen the remake yet,nobody has but you know me and how I feel about remakes of classics. Just because they have a new generation , doesn't mean it needs redone.  Some things should just be left alone. Sorry I know I'm venting but it is so irritating to see all these remakes  coming out and like I said above I know that they're probably trying to just get a new generation interested but then we change  the classic . I don't know maybe I'm being too harsh what do you guys think about this whole thing?

Fans of believe pictures news

The Hearties have invaded ...Canada several of our heartie friends on Facebook arrived in Canada today to get ready for the Hearties first reunion in Langley Canada! We hope you all have a wonderful time and that you will share your pictures and videos with us when you get back. We would also like to hear some of your stories if you feel like posting them on fans of believe pictures Facebook group. Well I think that's it for tonight have a good night everyone