Written on January 5th 2016

When Calls the Heart news:

Well I did it... I finished the rough draft of the first article of the third season! Hopefully I will have it posted to you by Thursday. No promises, technology is being finicky... finicky for me lately! :-(

Fans of Believe Pictures question

If by any chance someone from Hallmark may be reading this ,I have a question. When is the Reckoning going to be released on digital copy or DVD? I was not able to watch it sadly because it was placed on the Hallmark mystery channel which I do not have and I'm really looking forward to seeing it as are my colleagues in the here at my home office.

Fans of Believe Pictures news

Ok ,  show of hands . Who got their copy either in HD DVDs or digital copy of Captive? I did! So happy and excited.  I didn't watch it today because I have a friend coming over on Friday who has not seen it yet and is excited to see it. She was not able to join me at the night of purpose due to her work schedule and has been asking me questions about it but I did not tell her anything other than that she's probably going to love it. Okay so fess up those of you who got their copies today how many times have you watched it? :-) a lot I hope and I hope you will share with others. Also how many of you read the story Captive  the book the screenplay was based on? I have and would highly recommend it. Mr Bird did a super job turning it into a screenplay. Although you know me I may be a little biased…

Landon legacy news

Most of you have already read that I'm going to go back to Walnut Grove to meet Karen Grassley in July... I just wanted to add to that excitement by telling you that I have put out some feelers of people that I know that live in Walnut Grove and have for some time I am hoping to interview them while I'm there to give you stories about how people feel about living in a historic town. There's no guarantees that any of these people will agree to an interview but I just wanted to let you know what I'm working on! :-) so if any of those people that I've contacted are currently reading this I want to let you know how excited I am to hear your stories!


So I managed to do some writing last night on the Sam Baylor series final book or what I think to be the final book. I can never be sure ! I guess that's horrible of me to admit being the writer herself but it's the truth...I've just been going with the dialogue that the Lord has been  putting in my head and we'll see where it goes from there. I was unable to do any editing on the AVA Hill third book that I'm currently editing. “Falling Stars” to be exact because I wanted to get the rough draft for the When Calls the Heart New Year event finished before too much time passed. Hopefully I will have the final draft posted on Thursday as I said above so there won't be any Falling Stars editing until next week but I'm okay with that.

Question for my readers... have you reviewed my latest novel yet?  Be sure you do at lulu.com .Just search my name and all my books will pop up and you will be able to review any of them that you wish. I would appreciate your comments even your criticism. It just makes me want to be a better writer :-) I hope you all are staying warm ...these past few nights have been chilly a good time to curl up with a good book. Anyway that's all for tonight I hope you guys had a great day today!

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