Written on January 6th 2016


London legacy news

Okay so by now most of you have read about my trip to Walnut Grove in 2014 and some of you if you remember there was a young man helping me with an umbrella during one of the rainy days. I am on the search to find that  gentleman so that I finally can thank him for what he did two years ago. I am assuming he is from the Walnut Grove area, he had on a vest & hat from Walnut Grove. He was possibly a little older than me but not by much I am 34.I'm guessing he is either a resident of Walnut Grove or he has family that lives in Walnut Grove. So I know this could be a long shot being that there were a lot of people there that weekend. If anyone knows of a tall young man  that lives in the area, I am guessing he  is about 35 may be 38 years old somewhere in between there that is most likely be a veteran. I apologize for the very vague description it was very rainy that day and I was very distracted but I would like to thank the person for their act of kindness when I am there this summer.  I'd be grateful for any help any of you can give me. He approached me with the umbrella in the park in the center of town. He had been pushing a little girl on the swing. Thanks again for any help any of you can give me... Well it looks like that is it for today... That's it for tonight I have to go work on the When Calls the Heart article and make sure it's finished by tomorrow! :-)