Written on January 7th 2016



First off I have to say happy birthday to my dad! So happy birthday dad love you :-).

Fans of Believe Pictures news

If you have not already noticed or followed us, Fans of Believe Pictures now has their own Twitter! You will find the Twitter username below so give us a follow! :-) I know some of you are probably already following my other Twitter feed” walkoffaith1” all one word but I'm trying to switch our members to the official Twitter for fans of believe pictures so if you would move over there I would be grateful!  

When Calls the Heart news

Well this is it, today is the day! My first When Calls the Heart discussion article of this season has been released. Hopefully you  found it on the new Twitter by now as well as our Facebook group. As I have said already a few times in previous blogs please feel free to let me know how you feel about this new format that I have started! Also let me know if you have any trouble with your computer being able to read what I have posted. You may leave your comments about the blog underneath the blog in the comments section or underneath this blog or on our Facebook page in the When Calls the Heart discussion area. Along with your answers to my speculation questions if you wish. Have fun everyone and let the speculation begins! ;-)


I was finally able to get a count on what I have done so far in the 12th Sam Baylor book manuscript rough draft when I checked it on my desktop computer, being my tablet doesn't give me page numbers. So far I have written a total of 15 pages, doesn't seem like a whole lot being  I've been working on it for quite a while now but I haven't had a lot of writing time lately between my editing of the 3rd book in the Ava Hill series. Hope that will change soon which I'm doubting it will because I have plenty of editing to go for the Ava book but that's okay because both need to be done! I still have not received any reviews for the second David Hill book A  Light In Your Heart.  Please feel free to review it at any point. I'm excited to hear your point of views on this one especially after the comments I received after the first one. I want to see if my fans still feel the same way about Ava’s character since they held her so dear throughout the first novel.

London legacy news

I am so excited I heard back today from some of my friends that live in Walnut Grove Minnesota and they are game for giving me an interview about living in an historic town. I'm hoping to find a few others as well but at least I know I have people that are willing to give me their input  and it is much appreciated! If you live in Walnut Grove and would like to be part of my next article interview wise please feel free to let me know!

Well I think that's it for tonight. I will talk to you guys again tomorrow hope you enjoy the When Calls the Heart discussion article don't forget to join in on our discussions in the comments below here or on the comments below the article as well as on our Facebook page and now or Twitter which is listed below have a wonderful night everyone.

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