Written on January 8th 2016


Landon legacy news

I started writing up my questions today the ones I plan to ask while  I'm in Walnut Grove . I'm thinking between 6 and 10 questions should be enough. I'm guessing it's going to be more like 6 because I want to keep it as short as possible.   I want a separate list of questions that I'm going to make for Karen Grassley and I'm going to have about 10 of those…. I'm guessing I won't get all 10 answered if any at all but at least I will have the ready just in case I get the chance! :-) I found out the hard way last time I went to Walnut Grove that is easier to have a list of questions and be more prepared. There were several Q and A, I had the opportunity to ask questions at during the 40th reunion and yes I had questions in my head it and was able to shoot one out a minute I got called on but I felt guilty for not being more prepared.  I'm going fully equipped with questions in my hand well they'll probably be in my head but at least I will have written them down on my tablet! So this  is my question to you... If it was you who had the chance to ask Karen  Grassley anything about Little House on the Prairie what would you ask? Feel free to post your questions in the comment section. I can't guarantee that I will use them but I am curious to see what is the thing that you would want find out most. Who knows our thoughts may be our minds will think  alike in that department!

Fans of Believe Pictures , When Calls the Heart news

I hope everybody is enjoying the new format of When Calls the Heart articles. If you have any criticism or comments you would like to share please feel free to do so. I like to hear ideas. I already can tell that some of you enjoy it,you have been re tweeting it and liking it on Facebook and Twitter and I appreciate that thank you! I'm looking forward to the coming season like everyone else. What the writers, producers, and directors have in store for us and for a friends in Hope Valley! One thing I forgot to ask in my article I will ask here... Who has speculation of when Jack's ring may show up again? I am thinking probably around the finale, what are your thoughts? Tonight our friends from Hope Valley are at the TCA's for the Hallmark Channel I hope they have a wonderful evening! Well I think that is it for tonight I will talk to you guys again tomorrow have a wonderful evening with your families!