Written on December 26th 2015



Today I spent  most of the day hanging out with my friend Erica who is also my personal care attendant. We colored in my new coloring books that my mother gave me for Christmas along with a brand new set of artists markers .We also binge watched CSI New York .I can only watch CSI New York when I’m at my parents because they have Netflix and I only have Hulu TV services and Hulu does not provide CSI New York.

We were only using it as a fill in as we waited for When Calls the Heart to have their new year's premiere event…

We also took some time out of our evening to turn it into a selfie Saturday I'm not a selfie person most of the time but it helps pass the time and is a lot of fun. If you want to see the results of those either check my private Facebook for I'm also on Instagram under walk of faith LLC all one word and lowercase.

Fans of believe pictures When Calls the Heart news

Well this is it ...tonight is the night of  the big premier new year's event of When Calls the Heart ...waiting for it ,literally counting down the days. At least we have been on the Hearties page !Sorry I've been slacking in posting advertisement for it on our page and I am so excited!

Well now the show is over and all I will say is this ..being I have to write my article ,I don't want to say too much but I loved it! :-) it was a home run. I do have a few questions though but those will have to wait until my article. I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did and when the article is out I will let you know on the main page that it it has been released .Please remember that it will be in the When Calls the Heart discussion area on Facebook not the main page. If you don't know where the discussion areas on our facebook post on the wall , ask me where it is or send me a private message. The article will be released here on the website under articles / reviews.I will warn you do not read it if you don't want spoilers and you have not seen the episode there are always some spoilers in my article. Well that's it for tonight everyone .I've got an article to think about so you will be hearing from me again soon.