Written on December 27th 2015



Tomorrow my mom and I are going to my favorite place. We are going to the craft store Hobby Lobby. Other than any Barnes and Noble bookstore I could possibly get into because some of them aren't accessible when you go to older Barnes & Noble stores... Hobby Lobby is my favorite place! Especially since I started the adult coloring books for occupational therapy on my hands and just some plain fun. :-) I plan to get some pencil artist cases for all my markers pens and colored pencils I have purchased for my coloring adventures + check out their sales for after Christmas. ;-) I might as well I'm already there right? Lol. When you can spend time with your mother or best friend or even your father where is your favorite place to go?

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I laid low for most of the day today I wasn't feeling well overnight and still this morning. Luckily it wasn't my migraines! I was just feeling exhausted .I've been up late the past couple nights so I decided to take the quiet time to think about my article which I haven't quite started yet but I will definitely start it tomorrow .I would really like the time to rewatch  the episode first. Which is tougher when I'm at my parents house. I would have to watch it on my tablet and sometimes I miss the little things when I do that. so I'd rather watch it on my big screen TV at my apartment .I will be back there tomorrow night so I plan to rewatch it then. In the meantime,like I said I'm still thinking about exactly how I'm going to write it in this new format.I think I've got it pretty much figured out and I'm excited to see what you guys think. I just can't believe we have to wait until February for the rest of it... Oh well I'm grateful for what we have and hope it continues for many more seasons to come!

Received a very nice thank you email  from Mr Bird along with the photograph of the ornaments I sent them on their tree. I was glad to see that they enjoyed my gift. :-) I had fun creating them! I'm only disappointed that they didn't get them earlier but luckily he got that all straightened out. Sorry about that Mr Bird I'm just happy to know you received it and you are very welcome!

Today I have a question for my members.. Is anyone else curious about the promos for When Calls the Heart on TV ? If you watch them several times over, which I know most of you probably have, some of  you have probably even recorded them! I haven't but they are on youtube so you technically don't have to and you can still watch them over and over again. Yes I have done that by the way. Anyway back to my question is anyone else curious as to why they are on the train ? Are you curious to know whether there is a meaning behind that ..if they're all going somewhere not only that but going somewhere together? Now I may be reading into it and there may be nothing behind it at all just a very cool promo but you know me and my speculation! :-) so what are your thoughts? Well with that said I think I will leave you with your thoughts and hopefully you will post your thoughts and share them with us! You can either share them in a comment under here on the blog or on our Facebook. Just remember to post them in the When Calls the Heart discussion area because we don't want to give any spoilers to others even though it’s speculation. Some people don't like to speculate so let's respect that. :-) if you don't know where the When Calls the Heart discussion area is again please let me know and I will direct you to it.  I will tell you this right now it is on our facebook not on our web page. Please feel free to comment your speculation or any other comments under this blog at any time on the website Thanks!

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