Written on December 28th 2015


I don't think I've ever had a Christmas or New Years where I am as comfortable with where my life is at, than I  am right now... When I realized that the other day ,I had to ask myself now is that a good thing or bad thing ,am I too comfortable and I'm not getting out of my comfort zone enough?? I ask myself those questions every year. I was never into making resolutions in my life, I trust those things to God and   my prayers rather than superstition of something I promised myself. It has been a good year for me I have to say I have been truly blessed! I do have things in my life that I wish would be different but all in God's timing.

At the movies

Hey did you guys know that producers of Faith Like Potatoes is coming out with a new movie? Its called Born to Win and it looks really good. I just saw the trailer for it on Vudu. Don't know if it's going straight to DVD and digital copy or not or if it's already been out for a while this is the first I've seen of it you should check it out it looks awesome.

Fans of Believe Pictures and When Calls the Heart news

Since I was gone in the cities all day with my parents today making a craft stop at Hobby Lobby one of my favorite stores to get more supplies for bookmarks and other things that we are currently working on I was unable to watch or I should say re -watch When Calls the Heart new year's event but I will definitely be watching it tomorrow and starting on the rough draft of my article for the beginning of season 3. Hopefully, I will get the rough draft done tomorrow and I can have somebody look it over on Wednesday so I can get it out to you guys in our new format. Can't wait to see what you guys think both of the article and the new format I would love your feedback! Well it looks like that is all for tonight you guys again tomorrow.

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