Written on December 29th 2015


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First, I'd like to start this out by saying thank you to those of you who sent me Christmas cards just in case I missed you while I was over at my parents. I tried to take photos and thank everyone as I received the card but I may have missed a person or two in between that time. Don't think it went unnoticed, the cards were much appreciated and put a smile on my face so thank you! :-) Today I spent half the day working on the new format of the When Calls the Heart articles.

When I get the format down pat it will probably be the way my blogs will be from now on.. I went for a newsletter format  and really like it! I hope you do too and I'm looking forward to your comments constructive or otherwise so I can tweak things along the way.  I started the article after watching the new year's event of When Calls the Heart for a second time around. Hopefully I will be able to get it out to you in the next day or two. Sorry it is taking me this long in the first place ,but the new formatting of the articles that I wanted to do is taking longer than I expected. So let's just call this a test run for when the rest of the season starts in February shall we? :-)


Those of you who are on  my private  Facebook probably already have noticed that I colored another coloring book page. This one took me 3 days and I did it with gel pens. It seems to be the best medium for me. It helps with control and trying to stay in the lines as far as my disability goes, Maybe it's the more focused pinpoint of the pen I don't know ,but it seems to be the easiest so far anyway. So for those of you out there that are disabled and are looking for some good occupational therapy I think this would be a good option. This is not a professional opinion of course it's a personal one. If you have trouble with dexterity or grip it's probably your best bet and it's fun to. The only drawback I see in this whole thing is the fact that I have about for 5 coloring pages that I've colored so far and they're just sitting around the house. Now what to do with them is the question?  My first thought is I'm not exactly a Picasso so it's not like I'm going to really display them or anything.  I'm just doing this for fun and I don't really have the room to display them if I wanted to lol. So if anyone has any ideas for me on what to do with my finished coloring pages let me know I'm open to ideas. :-)


Yes Success! after a busy schedule during Christmas I was finally able to get in some writing last night. I think I got an entire 2 pages. I didn't exactly check the page numbers but that's what my estimation is. :-)

Well I think that's about it for tonight ….hope everyone has a great night and I'm sure you'll hear from me again tomorrow.

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