Written on January 1st 2016



Today I spent the day working on the details of my article for the When Calls the Heart new year's event. Now when I finish this blog , I plan to write some more in my own manuscript that I am currently working on. Since I got my secondary tablet up and running that I use when I have nothing else, since it likes to malfunction on me from time to time. I'm hoping I can at least get these blogs posted to you by tomorrow but we will see. Since it helps to have a regular laptop when posting my articles because of formatting. I will have to see if I can get it up and running as well. If not I will have to see if my temperamental desktop decides it wants to work. I promise I will try and get the article about When Calls the Heart New Years event to you as soon as I can.


As I was working out the details of the When Calls the Heart article like I told you about above, I was also doing my occupational therapy by coloring those coloring pages.  I was telling my personal care attendant what I planned to do on the article. I was also binge watching the show Flashpoint. I've seen the show several times but not all of it seasons, so watching one right after the other has been kind of  enlightening!  In fact I never noticed it had such great music until now it has caught my attention more than once. Have you ever noticed that with a show you like before? that you seem to like the music just as much as the show itself? Or am I the only one that does this?

Well I guess that's it for today I hope to write again tomorrow have a great night everyone!


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