Written on January 2nd 2016


When calls the heart news from Fans of Believe Pictures:

Today was a rather quiet except for on Twitter where executive  producer Brad Krevoy talked about doing a live periscope video during the Hearties reunion this month. There was some concern among people that it would not be able to be seen by everyone if periscope was not available to them as an app or they were unable to save it and watch it for later . As I watch the conversation continued throughout the day I gathered that not all of the details have yet been worked out and we will be getting more information as it gets closer if I get any more information from the conversations I see or if I have told anything I will definitely let you know.

Captive news from Fans of Believe Pictures

Captive in film that writer and producer Brian Bird scripted earlier in September of 2015 will be released on HD DVD starting January 5th pre-orders are now available at Amazon as well as the digital movie store vudu.com be sure and order your copy today! Captive is the  story about Ashley Smith who is fighting against a drug addiction and finds God through the book Purpose Driven Life when she is held captive by an escaped convict Brian Nichols. I had the privilege of hosting a night of purpose premiere showing of the movie in September, the day before it actually was released this is a moving story about how God can really do work in your life when you're least expecting it. I encourage people to see it but not only watch it  share with others! If you would like to know my thoughts and opinions about the movie in more detail please see my captive discussion article in the articles and review section of this website please be aware that there are spoilers.

I believe that is all the news for today I hope everyone has a wonderful evening with your families.

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