Written on January 3rd 2016



Why is it that whenever I go to Walmart or Target I can never find the correct season of Little House on the Prairie that I'm looking for I see seasons one or two but never any of the others ever, when I have gone over the past several months to try and find them I always find season 1 or season 2 only . Then when you ask somebody about it they look at you like you've completely lost your mind for wanting such an old show in the first place! I've literally had to buy all my seasons that I currently have a blu-ray seasons 1 through 6 on Amazon, once just once I would like to buy a season without having to pay shipping! Yes I know …. I'm grumbling... Sorry I'm just slightly frustrated. I am currently needing to get season 7 which is on blu-ray and season 8 will be out soon but I have no doubt I will end up buying both of those on Amazon again which means I will have to pay shipping which I guess isn't a big deal but when I've tried so hard to find it everywhere else that's what makes me so frustrated. Plus the fact that our generation today or I should say my generation doesn't seem did no good family television when it bites them in the nose!  Sigh… it is a very sad thing to behold. Lucky for when calls the heart they have people like the Hardys that includes me but you get what I'm saying! Okay so now that I'm done with my rant I feel much better thanks! I hope everyone is having a good night and I will talk to you again soon. :-)

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