Written on January 30th 2016

Fans of believe Pictures  news

Today I spent most of the afternoon and evening with a friend from the #FansofBeilevePictures she is also a member of the #HEARTIES it is always great when we find a chance to get together! This is the first time I invited her over to my home which is an apartment in my hometown. Today it was the two of us , usually it  is a group of us that gets together I just felt like it was the night for two people rather than a group :-) not only did we talk about our beloved show When Calls the Heart which is always an important topic when we get together ;-) but we talked about life too. I believe that that is an important part of the #HEARTIES as well as the #FansofBeilevePictures groups. It's not just about TV shows or movies it's about friends getting together and connecting both on social media and outside of social media the most important type of connection that I believe happens is in person.  I know I use the computer for most of my life because it's available to me as far as voice activation and it makes things easier for me as a disabled person. I try not to get too lazy and losing the personal connection like so many other people do these days. We all bury our heads in our phones or tablets and our computers you heard me say this before in a few of my articles that I've written in the past. The personal connections and friendships and bonds that come together through whatever means including our group has continued to grow without a TV or computer or a tablet. Most of you if not all of you who are reading this right now either you had the chance to go to the Hearties reunion or you didn't but either way you have found ways to make yourself personally connected with the people around you. This is what Believe  Pictures  is all about as well as When Calls the Heart family bonding and connections with one another so we can stop burying our heads in social but the personal connection is the most important it seems when it comes to the #HEARTIES. #FansofBeilevePictures :-) it's true we still have friends and bonds through social media but it is shows  like When Calls the Heart has inspired us to crave those  personal connections as well! :-) #FansofBeilevePictures & #Hearties groups are proof of this!