Written on February 12th 2016


Okay, so it’s been  a really long time since I wrote last time sorry! Between my schedule trying to get the bookmark site back up and running as well as trying to find craft shows I can participate in it's been making my week's pretty busy these days. Or to be more clear it takes my mind away from writing whether it be fictional or blogging. Speaking of blogging have you guys checked out our new website yet?  Well I guess it wouldn’t be called exactly new since I have mentioned it several times ,but I'm excited about it and like every website it's a work in progress. It doesn't have everything the Facebook group has and a Facebook group doesn't have everything that the website has so I encourage you to check out both on daily basis and don't forget to join the conversations on either  Facebook or website. I just renewed it for another year so you're stuck with us! #FansofBeilevePictures people! Or more to the point you are stuck with me :-).

Fans of believe pictures news

I already have given you a sneak preview of what's going to be in this section of fans of believe pictures ,our website ,this  may be our best year for not only recruiting ,but gathering together talking about family friendly entertainment coming from the people of believe pictures.

In other news congratulations to Mr Brian Bird as well as the cast and crew members that all came together to create the movie Captive. As you probably already heard earlier last week Captive was picked as best movie from the Movie Guide awards! Also it has recently been nominated for the Crystal Dove Award , based on a ballot that is cast and is left up to the viewers. I  encourage you to go vote not just in the Captive category, which is best drama but the other categories as well! The voting ballot can be found at Dove website I've cast my vote already have you? Do it soon before it's too late! I believe that's it for tonight everyone sorry there's not much more to update you on have a great Valentine's Day weekend!