​ Written on February 15th 2016


I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend spending it with their loved ones!


I'm still working on the 3rd Ava Hill  novel as well as working on the rough draft manuscript of what I believe is going to be the last book in the Sam Baylor series.

Question for my fellow writer colleagues

Does anyone know of any good Indie novel awards that you can apply for?  looking to apply for an award underneath my publishing company's name for the Ava series any suggestions? Your input and information would be greatly appreciated thanks!

Want to join me?

It's time to party like a Heartie or should I say fans of believe pictures member?... I can't decide so let's just go with both ;-)! If you are already in our Facebook group which by now I hope most of you are! If you're not you should definitely check it out as I've said before there are things that you will see in our Facebook group that you don't see on the website and vice a versa. Anyway... If you are on our Facebook group chances are you've already seen this message…

I've been trying to update the pinned post…. its not working so I don't know why its not updating for some reason so here's what I posted.

Question for my #FansofBeilevePictures &  #Hearties people in this group, who lives in or around the North Branch Minnesota area including  St. Paul and Minneapolis... I'm trying to get together on May 7th which happens to be my birthday. I figured what better way to celebrate than to spend time with some of you. :-) if you're interested in joining me please put a comment underneath and I will email you the details once they come together Thanks.

Want to join us? If you do first you have to join our Facebook group then you can private message me or find on the main wall of our Facebook group and let us know that you would like to join us!

Well that's it for tonight good night everyone!