Written on February 4, 2016


Fans of believe pictures news

It's that time again for the Movie Guide awards... And guess what? According to Mr. Bird  on Facebook this morning  Mrs. Bird and him are on their way to the Movie Guide awards. Captive has been nominated for the top prize! We are ecstatic to hear this news! As most of you already know this past September when Captive came out, I pushed for it to be shown in the cities here  in Minnesota .After many months of being on the phone emails and such with Paramount Pictures I had the opportunity and the pleasure of hosting a night of purpose ,which was a private  viewing of the film before it went nationwide on September 18th! I couldn't be more happy for Mr Bird and all involved in the Captives film! Please know that we are praying for you and congratulations on your nomination for the top prize!

In others Fans of believe pictures news we have had many new members join us. Welcome and please share our Facebook group and our website with your family and friends. :-) don't be afraid to get involved in our conversations thoughts and speculation as well.

Fans of believe pictures website news

This morning I woke up to and alert from the website service we use for our fans of believe pictures.com website they were alerting me that it has been a year already! Can you believe it's been a year since we've had our official website?  I hope you checked it out ..Feel free to comment on anything you see here on the website as well as on our Facebook group! I try to answer your comments and thoughts as timely as possible. Also if you are someone who would like all of fans of the believe pictures contact information please email us privately through the group on Facebook and we will get back to you as soon as we can thanks for your interest.

Walk of faith LLC news

You may have noticed that I posted recently on the walk of faith LLC bookmarks page that we are redoing things . Please  bare with us during this process. I will try to get it done sometime in early March. We are currently checking our inventories and changing a few things  out . Thank you for your patience during this process.

Walk of faith LLC book news

Have you read any of Amy j Falk books? If you have you may have already received an email requesting that you review what you've read. We are calling all fans to give their thoughts and opinions on this website…


Just click on the books that you read ,click on review and give us your thoughts! It's as simple as that. :-) We can't wait to hear from you in the near future! Haven't read her books yet but are interested?  Go to the same website, you can purchase any book you wish that has been released by miss Falk. Thank you for your interest and your support!