Written on February 17th 2016


Well today was a sad day, my moms best friend died today so I spent the evening with my mom talking over old times and about the arrangements  family are making. I'm praying for the family that they find peace and comfort during this time.

Fans of Believe pictures news

It's here ...the When Calls the Heart ringtone !  I downloaded mine ,did you download yours? Thanks Mr Bird for the wonderful surprise! :-)

Fans of Believe pictures birthday bash news

I recently added this to my facebook invitation so I wanted to also add it on here as well. If you are unable to be there with us physically but would love to be there... We are able to do a 10 person hang out while having fun. If you are interested in doing this, private message me on Facebook so I can message you the information on how to do this during the party. I hope you will join us! :-)

I spent most of my afternoon on Pinterest looking up do it yourself movie themed party ideas. My niece and her best friend are good at making things, so I thought they might want to help me do something. Unfortunately I can't seem to find anything that looks remotely easy. :-) but don't worry I will keep looking! I started on Pinterest looking for ideas, but you can take up  to 10 hour out of your day before you know it and you are mesmerized by everything on there and you spend 3 hours or more looking at things! :-) I swear that site hypnotizes you or something... Lol ;-)

Little House fans

Here is a question for all the Little House on the Prairie fans out there.If you could pick any trivia question to ask a fellow Little House on the Prairie fan, that has seen all the episodes, what would that question be? Then what would the answer be to that particular question? I have some trivia questions of my own,but I like to hear your ideas as well .Trying to think of a do it yourself game to put together on my own. like I said I would love your input and besides it would be fun hearing everybody else's thoughts! You can either put them on the comment part of this blog or private message them to me on Facebook….can't wait to hear from you. :-)

Well I think that's about it for tonight I hope everyone is having a fabulous night with their families!