Written on February 19th 2016

Fans of Believe pictures news

Did you guys see Erin from When Calls the Heart on periscope yesterday? I love her ,she seems like such an easy going person I hope I get to meet in person one day! That was a great surprise, unfortunately I wasn't able to catch it live because I was working on editing one of my novels but I was able to watch it later in the evening and I'm so glad I did!

Social media Fans of Believe Pictures news

In case you haven't noticed Fans of Believe pictures is starting to pop up a different social media outlets. We now have a Twitter, periscope, Pinterest along with our Facebook group we will soon be finishing our YouTube page. So I hope as I post the way to get to these different social media sites that you will join us in spreading the word about family television and movies created by the believe pictures team!

I recently heard on Twitter that Brad Krevoy and MAPCA had created an Instagram account and asked us to follow them on Twitter . I typed in the username that was provided more than once and still can't come up with anything .Has anyone been able to find them on Instagram? We would really like to follow them so any information would be appreciated! :-) We tried asking about it on Twitter but have not received a response as of yet.