Written on February 24th 2016


Fans of Believe pictures news

Just a reminder if you haven't seen it yet my latest article on the When Calls the Heart episode Troubled Hearts is in the articles of reviews section of the website, so check it out and give me your feedback. Also check out the When Calls the Heart speculation blog for your speculations. Topics of the week will be posted again on Sunday depending on how the episode plays out. The speculation is no longer on our Facebook page to prevent spoilers for the people that don't want them, so please feel free to comment your own speculation underneath the speculation blog of the current week. I look forward to discussing things with you! :-)

In other news for our group I'm currently running a contest. We have 368 members as of right now while I write this blog I have said on the Facebook page that if he reach 400 members in the Facebook group the 400th member will receive a prize so don't forget to invite your friends and family to our Facebook group. If you would like to look us up just simply look up fans of Believe pictures Productions movies and shows .Thank you for joining us! I look forward to hearing all your comments and speculations as you join our conversations. :-) you can also get the link to our group if you are already a member and share it that way. Two members... thank you for helping us hit this milestone it is much appreciated. :-)

London legacy news

It was reported on Facebook today that it is Karen Grassle 's birthday.  Karen Grassle was known as Caroline Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie for 9 years approx. I am blessed with the opportunity to joined her in Walnut Grove with several other fans who are affectionately known as the bonnet heads. I am included in this generation and I am proud to say it is much like this generations Hearties  for When Calls the Heart! I'm eager to see Ms.Grassley, although I will be just another fan in the crowd I am still happy to be there. :-) it is an honor just to get to say hello! Speaking of my time this summer that I plan to spend in the small town of Walnut Grove Minnesota, I got an email the other day from my college friends mother who lives out in Walnut Grove herself. She knew I was coming to see Ms.Grassley this summer ,so when she was talking to her daughter one of my best friends from college she mention that my friend could meet me that weekend. I don't have any information on whether she is actually going to be there because her mother never emailed me back. I hope that this will happen! I have not seen my friends since 2004 the day of her wedding and it would be nice to finally meet her  children! I also mentioned to you that I'm doing a Landon  legacy article part two when I go out to Walnut Grove Minnesota this summer and her parents have agreed to do an interview being they have lived in Walnut Grove for quite some time. So it makes me excited that their daughter might be able to join us because then she will be able to join the interview about living in historic town which will be my angle for the next article. I'm still currently working on my questions, so if any  of you have any input or ideas that you would like to share with me please feel free to do so on Facebook or in the common area of this blog. Thanks for taking the time to share your lives with me and reading about my adventures as a writer! Have a good night everyone.