Written on January 29th 2016



I know, I know, I should be ashamed of myself it's been a very long time since I've written. I apologize for that! But between watching the live feeds of the #HEARTIES reunion , and changing the levels in my migraine medication I just have not found the time nor the energy to write in my blog I am sorry! Now that things seem to be back on track hopefully I will get to you in a more timely manner in the days to come. Today I had the pleasure of finally getting the chance to order my friend Camille’s novels. I'm so excited! I've been wanting to order them since the last one came out but just hadn't gotten to it. As of today they are on their way autographed and all! Thank You Camille I cannot wait to share them with my family!

Fans of believe pictures when calls the heart news

It was so much fun watching the live feeds from the Hearties  reunion. I am so glad that the committee took the care and time to make sure we could sort of be there even though we couldn't be there. Please know that it was much appreciated! I also would like to mention that I wanted to be there with all my heart no pun intended :-) I was glad that I didn't plan the trip due to the rainy muddy weather, my wheelchair would not have held up much like it doesn't hold up for me in rainy muggy weather for the Renaissance Festival either which has a similar Road like the road into Hope Valley. I was so excited to see all of your pictures and listen to all of your stories thank you for sharing them with us! Joyce thank you for the snapshots you found of Mr Bird and Mr Landon together it is much appreciated. :-) my dear Hearties friends I do have one request next time there is something like that if one of you could get a single picture of just them together I would appreciate it. Had I been thinking ahead of time I would have asked one of you to do so. It's my fault for not thinking but thank you to those of you who have been messaging me some photos here and there. Like I said before it is appreciated! It just adds to your stories of the fun that you had while  in our beautiful little town Hope Valley. I'm really hoping to win that autographed poster contest by the way :-) it would look very nice in my living room as well as any other , I'm sure ,but since I have a movies / TV themed living room it would fit perfectly. :-) just sayin... ;-)

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Many of you on the Little House on the Prairie reunion Facebook Group have been asking me how I feel about Paramount Pictures rebooting Little House on the Prairie for the big screen... Well I haven't said much in the group that I am involved in on Facebook. I will say this, I have said many times before how I feel about any kind of reboots when it comes to the classic TV shows and or movies..The sentimental feelings I have for the original Little House on the Prairie makes me so sad about this reboot that I have no actual words to convey how I feel about it. Many of you have asked why don't I give it a chance I will say the same thing I said to the people on Facebook I have seen similar TV about Laura Ingalls Wilder's life that mirror the TV show so in other words they have already rebooted it on a small scale before.I have always been disappointed by these movies! it's not that I want to judge this already but at the same time my heart feels that since they have already tried to reboot it in TV movie format and I haven't enjoyed those in the past I'd have to say that more than likely it will be the same whether it is on the big screen or the small screen. I know they're trying to revive it for a new generation and I can respect that! But in my opinion if you're going to do that when it comes to the classic it should just be rerun on TV. If I'm going to say my piece about it like I just did above I also have to say this if you enjoy the reboots of any film or TV show I can respect that this is just strictly my opinion!! I feel very strongly about the legacy that the original little house on the Prairie has left on so many lives. If or I should say when it is indeed rebooted I hope it will touch lives in the same way it just won't be the same for me. On that note I think I am finished for the evening I hope everyone has a good Friday and a great weekend with their families.